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I’m not proud of my story, but I feel compelled to share with you! My name is George and I were once Lour fat and stressed professionals for 25 years – I am also a certified nutritionist and trainer – is simply my story even sadder.Every morning at 5:00 I was afraid to get out of bed to face another bad day, and it was my travels two hours of help. Usually I spend two hours wondering how I got where I am today: always tired, overweight and lose my confidence.I come to work 8 hours for breakfast in the coffee basket, Breakfast and catch up with e-mail and scan to see if there was any ‘fire’ – and always has been.
Lunch was just as bad. I always eat at my desk, because I always have to learn to get my technical certificate or simply too much even eat lunch. Have you ever felt this way?I leave my work at all at 7:00 pm horrible house two hours driving. So most nights I get some fast food on the way home (pizza road is my favorite), eat and go to sleep and the next day begins a new routine of the same evil. -Groundhog One day?So you can see that I had training at zero. To be honest, I’m tired all the time, I thought practice was impossible.I fell.What do you think you can help:Tired of sitting behind a desk all day and feeling stressed.
You have been given more weight you are happy, and affects all aspects of your life.
Are you tired of feeling sick and tired of always.
You wake up every morning wishing you could just stay in bed
We work long hours and are not only time to go to the gym.
You hate to see when you go to the gym and do not know what to do when you are there.
If you are nodding in silence, as you read the statements above, then you have to keep reading to discover the secrets of the training system, you can do anywhere, without having to get up and running expensive smelly gym, pay a personal trainer to show you what to do or spend hours a day working.If you are white collar or corporate professional, chances are that we had a very similar experience
It seems that I am not alone:
Results are published in the finished Preventive medical study has also been active in the last thirty years.
There must be a better way to do itAs I continued to be successful in my job and get promoted, have significantly increased my responsibility … but it made my blood pressure, cholesterol and life.My job was a lot of pressure. Now I was a senior manager with responsibility for accompaniment. IT guy Fair framework focused means more responsibility, more pressure and later night worrying about the business of several million dollars, they are now in charge. I spent more than a few nights with my work at home and sleep on the kitchen table with my laptop. Do not like.The stress began to build, and I’m afraid to wake up in the morning because they are mentally and physically exhausted. I felt I could break at any time. This never happens? You should always open your eyes and say, ‘lives, I just want to stay in bed today, I’m so tired of it all. ‘It took me almost every day.Not to mention my girlfriend at the time, he was frustrated because I do not have time for this (there was always something to do, right guys?).I have no time for myself or anyone else for that matter.When the weekend rolled around all you could think about how I wanted to catch up on sleep and stay in bed all day and eat pizza and Doritos. two favorite dishes my world … Mmmmmmm.I lived literally on the weekend, but to sit in bed and plop my fat ass on the couch and eat … and eat … and eat and watch TV … all day …. I’ll tell you if I was in the process of Netflix, I would probably be fired for getting off the couch.What’s worse, I made sure it was not so bad. I ate my favorite food Sabbath ‘lies in front of the TV.I directed my stress and dissatisfaction to eat and watch TV.I say that you win, your job is stressful and you are burned, the weekend to relax and do what makes you happy. ‘I’m just really not satisfied.I was wrong, but I would not admit it to me.

Here I am, a man considered realistic fanatical hard core, working with five or six times a week to spend a weekend eating a lot of fat, foods that can be killed fertilizers me.Oh, not to mention that I stopped practicing my clients, because I do not have time or energy to keep the second position, no matter how passionate I thought.I was a short, I put almost £ 50 more than two years since I spent most of my day sitting. I sat for almost four hours a day on my travels to sit in the office for 10 to 12 hours a day, and then sit on my couch all weekend. Of course, as I work I do not have time to work either. To make matters worse, I still eat foods from fast food chains are processed.George himself has spent virtually every spare minute in the gym, when he was 18 was suddenly very obese, lethargic and stressed.Studies show IT: It’s not, it’s your job.
Working in the office makes you fat and unhealthy.
New research shows that Distills results of 47 studies that those of us who sit for a long time to raise our average risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and premature death.
In one study, participants who have spent more than an hour a day of the meeting, as defined prolonged sitting still to watch TV for at least five hours a day for those who had more than six years, and in the study room is 11 hours long day. ‘
Author extrapolated from studies available for those who spend much time in sedentary activities 90 more likely than those who have not developed type 2 diabetes.
The odds of dying from cardiovascular disease increases larger (about 18), with long hours of sitting, the risk of cancer (13-16).
Studies have shown a higher incidence of breast, colon, rectum, uterine cancer and ovarian endothelial including long-term fixed on the chair.
Show American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain caused by poor posture, obesity and mental stress, among other factors, can easily fall into the picture in the office environment, if the job time, and do not allow employees to take time off from his duties.
Work environment are often full of temptation when it comes to a healthy diet. Many offices have vending machines full of sugary drinks and fatty snacks employees enthusiastic about singing boost energy.
The majority of workers eat at least once a week. Part of the food is usually about twice the calories of the foods that are similar to the same size, and have a lot of oxidized fat, which increases the risk of heart disease.

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