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The book says that those who prefer this innovative training system can expect significant improvements in the results. This book has spoken to me is not only the academy, it is a way to pass the time. And he talked about the fact that you need to keep your body “guessing”, if you don’t want to grow up. The new focus you put into your body, gives you the opportunity to meet and gain muscle mass. And the Russians were known for a unique and very advanced training methods. Had to do something different, because what I did was not working. And yes… I found the reason. After all, and I knew that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expect different results. You see, when you work hard, train hard, eat well, and give everything they have… but I STILL don’t see results… you need to take a step back and see what is happening. If you continue to do what you do… hard and train consistently to get some results… you need to do something different, since it is a problem. If you are not going to continue to get results. Therefore, I want to be happy with what he had learned up to that… but other “random” made me give me account that I had found the answer to my exercise problems! And I’m Sure that I Learned the Secret to Achieving Rapid muscle mass and Strength! I have been lifting for a long time, and I found that I had to overcome a lot of my ‘hardgainer’ genes through hard work and loyalty. But, as I already said, I have not made any profit and definitely not because my life no longer works. After reading the book, in the Olympic Russian weight-lifting… I Had a firm grip on what I’m going to use in the gym for the program. I’m going to follow the routine to a “T”, But, surprisingly, it was not the only training that way! If he knew the Russian method of Training… or if it was just a coincidence… something happened that SHOWED me that this was the way to make your body more muscle growth. It seems that I… to work in a traditional commercial gym located in Florida. Over the years, I made friends with a personal trainer called John. If he was about 45 years old… but it seemed that he was 32 years old. Were about 5’10” and 220 pounds of muscle… with about 10% body fat. John always uses the axis as the train and has some pretty big arms, probably around 19 inches. The next day, a workout buddy… well, he asked me to jump on the train and with him during the day. I thought… “but What the hell… there is no way that this old man who can lift me.” Boy… was I in for a rude awakening! John is not the to start with compound exercises, heavy by means of representatives.

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