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Teaching online can be exciting, rewarding, frustrating, exhausting and difficult at the same time. New possibilities for online teaching possibilities are more limited, and now, because many schools offer online courses, and the process of landing in the Vice, the work was hard. For example, it is not uncommon for someone who is very well known and trained, until the dreaded not, please send an email to the personnel office, without the time to contact in the context of its past. So what do you do while you wait for the first (or almost) in the process of teaching online? The answer, say as preparation for the role, and the training. Nonessential, or good practices, that any teacher, online, loans, I, you, once you are familiar with and understand how they can be implemented.

The work of the online tutor in relation to the contract, the cost, and the discharge at the end of the course, run the test, as well as regular, the category of the customer. However, the minimum training requirements, which greatly facilitates the more efficient the management process, the class and / or the creation of optimal conditions for learning. You must have the right to think about their role as teachers comfortable in a virtual environment, the time for the management of the class, and to be able to, in the classroom, as well as the preparation of students to achieve the learning objectives of the individual. Online training is not only focused on the process, but their objective is focused on the development needs of the students. You are a teacher, a mentor, coach, trainer, and speaker.

OnlineEducation Foundations

I have to say that a teacher online, you must effectively manage your time, and have developed the program. The two components of the class of moderation, which requires a long period of time, weeks during which participation in class discussions and to formulate criticism in a constructive way. If you wait until the end of the course the week, and concentrate on your work, training activities, that can be overcome easily find, and the experience of stress, as well as crossing the borders of time. To find, the side effect is that, apparently, the attitude, the tone and quality of participation, interaction, participation, comments, and allinone can be negative. Students are able to quickly gather all of the indicators of stress and frustration, and this can lead to stagnation of the students of the class

There is a basic training, which is essentially determined by the faculty of the signed contract, together with all other documents, such as the school books to school. There are some conditions to check the number of days in which the rights of the class, and participation in the news, the deadlines for the completion of the reviews, responding to students inquiries and questions, and the list could continue. It is extremely important for the development of his or her position with the school to read and reread, take the necessary measures on a regular basis, to remember the great expectations.

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