Music Specifically For Dogs

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Some of the dogs that musicians use a technique called simple sound. In this method, the complex relaunch of the stop reduction to meet the responsibility. To absorb the difference of active listening, which the brain information, which allows the identification of intervals, rhythms, and other information, passive listening to the spirit of the sound, without a lot of concentration. This idea is found in the middle of any kind of music.Many times, we think of our dogs as a big nose, the smell, the forgiveness, the ass, the dirty linen, in which we have a new meaning. Of course, if you stop and think about what, in this sense. After all, as barking dogs, if the leaves and thin trunks of trees, the slide, or if you hear a packet of crisps, crumpled? Dogs hear very well, and our daytoday stress.

Bang, An Explosion, An Accident!

Most people dont have a lot of time, the constant noise in our lives, but there are a lot of dogs. I turned on the TV, the doorbell, and cupto go into the fabric of daily life. Of course, there is the noise, your dog may be the cause of the climate and of the bark of the small things, like the leaves of breathing, you must make sure that the attacker!!!!! The cumulative effect of the noise on a daily basis can cause our dogs are very stressed, all the other fears or concerns that you may have.

Relaxing Music

The coach of the dogs, and psychologists have begun to question whether the music has a calming effect on dogs and people. In 2002, researchers of the animal Deborah Wells, transport, decided on a brief study on the effects of classical music, entertainment, pop music and heavy metal music on the abandonment of dogs. They found that the level of intensity, of anger, of metal, of the dog, while the word or the pop music has been relatively neutral. Classical music, however, caused the dogs to bark less and others more.

Recently, the animal, an expert joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner, were tested, more than the content of the book the Ears. In their study, they found that classical music, with time, slowly, in a low voice, and the simplification of the structure is the cause of the dog, reduces the heart rate and breathing. Some dogs are sensitive to music, so I went in the house, even to sleep. Have you ever tried to find music for dogs with fear, and my fear, as, for example, to ride in a car. To calm the game, the type of music that you, the dog, at least, enough to lie in.

What kind of music is it?

Of course, the relaxation music for dogs, who, after his studies of classical music. But not in the old CD. You are looking for music, deep bass, audio files, and, slowly, many of the tools, your emotions, that you can not work quickly, a place to calm your dog. The harps are ideal for the dogs, because they are less and less, and enjoy it. Celtic music, often at a slower pace, and it includes harps.

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