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I still remember the moment as if three minutes. I went down the hill, near what is called the gym the most hard-core country. I heard the music blasting out of the gym walls. The music and the atmosphere was literally bleeding through the walls and when I went down the hill, heard the music, I felt the energy …. I forgot that my back was strange.
I opened the door and loud music, sweat and odor in the air hit my face like a ton of bricks. Good ton of bricks, but the type of tile you want that could hit. I saw men exercise balls against the wall turned around the eyes.I heard a metallic noise weight and strong knocked to the floor. It ‘was’ Go Time’ and I saw no other way then to go to war …. It was the day of the leg. I put my jacket and headed for the stationary bike to warm up, but the counter in the gym. The music was so loud that my ears rang, but I had goose bumps because I super-human being felt right now, I’m not kidding. I felt like a machine.
One of the big guys passed me when I was three minutes of my bike and said, ‘Yo, Zach, Trainin whatchu today? ‘I answered with a thunder in my voice … ..’ I train legs today and if you want to train with me, you better come right, because I am crazy today! ‘
He did not train with me. I think I scared. When the clock struck five minutes, I started my warm up before attacking the squat rack. I curled day 455 6 reps. My adrenaline was so high the back Musta been in communication with my brain let me finish the workout.
Training continued after blistering set. All around me was a blur, except for the weight I had in my hands or on your back. I ended up with stiff-legged deadlift 385 pounds for 5 reps.
The training was over and I felt I had the best experience of my life, fuck. I went out on the hill, in the cold air. steam rose from my face in cold winter night and I jumped in my truck and made the trip 25 minutes at home.An hour later, I got things ready for work the next day to get. I always ironed clothes and packed my lunch yesterday. I dropped the hangar shirt and bent to pick up. When I looked, I felt like I was just hit by lightning in the lower back.
I threw my back picking up a hook …. ‘
I was freezing, literally leaning …… I came back and I felt my bed and I did not move out of bed at 1:00 the next day.
This was the first time I hurt my back …. but not the last. Over the years, every year, the blue back as back spasms. Not a big problem, but I rested a couple of weeks and slowly return. I was young, living at home with mom and dad, and life was easy.
Year after year, the accident happened again …. and again …. and again. But until I was a father’s grief it does not work with me.
‘Finally, the injuries began to destroy my life ….’
This time it was a big deal. You see, I’m a father, and this was not a back injury I had something to shake off and the rest. I was in excruciating pain and my daughter three months bathtub. My back felt like it was time I took a bath.Sudo pain. When I stopped to give him a bath, I could not stand up. I registered all the energy I had and forced me to think about the Navy Seals and the pain that could cross unstoppable again. I was pathetic. I felt pathetic. I put my hands on the tub and the earth my way to the knee. From there, I got my baby back all 16 of his book.
I detach myself more than £ 500 and squatting 455 representatives. £ 16 felt as if I raise the world. I can … .. my daughter is my world.
Screwed my support was what seemed to last forever, was actually 12 months of pain. I ask all the experts in the field of strength and conditioning, and asked the recovery has been in rehab, etc.
I was embarrassed and even angry, not only for me, but when you lift the weight in general. Over the years, every few months, boom, the same damn injury. But the damage does not end with back pain, however, I began to other injuries. shoulder injuries, severe knee pain, chest pain, strange and painful pain in the areas that I have ever experienced before.
I remember in Boston on a business trip. Every morning I woke up, dropped and angled 50 push ups and 50 squats to get my day going. My chest and shoulders feel tight …. very tight. I thought it was sealed in the morning you feel after that to bed for the night. Not like that.
A week later, I just cranked my gym training. Tractions …… pain experienced pain I had ever experienced before. By the time I got to 23 push-ups I was in excruciating pain and had to stop my training.
‘I thought I tore pec … How do pushups !! ?? ‘
I checked! I said, ‘Screw it … .. yuck! I left my training. I continued my education. This was getting old. I was depressed big time and kept bottled inside … ..
I have tried to circumvent the damage. But evil is bound to play with me physically and mentally. My metabolism slows down and raise my stress that did not work as I was.
‘I felt like my enemy …. rocker’
I built a grudge against free weights on the bar when I had just made my flaws exploited by the rocker. I began to study body weight training more than ever. I decided it was time to build my body and when I want something, I go directly to the source of lead.
I came across guys not only inspired me to put my body weight training to the next level, but they taught me things about body weight, physical activity and body weight training I ever thought.
‘Men are always to me that you can be
Beast bodyweight training … ‘
The guys remind me of the famous powerlifting coach Louie Simmons, who runs’ The Westside Barbell Club and is known as the strongest gym in the world.Louie training system turns men into animals. weightlifters make a profit unlike I’ve ever experienced before. The brute force package and muscles faster than any previously experienced program.
‘The’ body weight of different animals …. ‘
These guys were jacked, ripped and strong as hell. I was impressed, inspired and ready to test the water and turn into my face guinea pig.
I connected with some of the ‘animal body weight of happiness and net of all I had to do:
as they are training to build muscle
as they are training to develop explosive power
as you put your feet with weight training alone
how to treat injuries
how to eat to put on mass, development and brute force to get ripped
They answered everything I asked for and then some … ..
I knew I had to make my personal experiments of their own body weight at a different level than the typical body weight circuits used in any other. One of my biggest influences Louie Simmons and how it uses its own methods to build the strongest men in the world ….
To develop methods known to shock brute force, packing on muscle faster humanly possible and to develop explosive power.
I found my experience of body weight ‘use all means of the strongest men in the world that I can go far beyond the gym for conditioning. I was beast mode, and nothing less.
I set my goals and my training program organized in the elements necessary to make these objectives happen when to get rid of the injury lame continued to ruin my life and depressing to me.
As I said, I’m sure, to ensure the ‘bodybuilding program of body weight a lot bigger weight of traditional training. I wanted the weight training to the same results you would get the old workout that consists of heavy weights training.
The key is that the passports ….
functional muscular pack
the development of brute force …. force that upsets people and makes them take notice, beyond pretty Sissy Boy bodybuilders
speed and explosive power development – I had to be agile, mobile, and hostile.


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