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The two graphs, the skeleton of the information that you can expect that it is composed of a title, such as, for example, the opening and closing price, high and low, and are already visible. Keep an eye on images like this, and it will be better, as an investor for its use.To the untrained eye, the stock market can sometimes be very confusing. The prices are always oscillating between the unpredictable and very low, and if you do not activate the monitoring and the interpretation of these movements, it may seem that this is a big threat to the chances of making a profit.Most of the light is long and rectangular in shape, with each top or bottom edge of the opening, or closing price of the shares on any trading day. The great thing about these chandeliers, that can also be used to show the range of trading instruments for the day, no matter how close or far away from the opening and the final price can be. It is important to take into account that, thanks to a wide range of stock trading tools, it is easy to create charts that provide the information you need every day to do business. The diagram can be constructed to show the activities for a period of three hours, or to reveal patterns and trends that are produced in the months or years. For technical analysts, the ability to identify the pattern of the past is the key to be able to predict the future evolution of the prices.So, you have seen the subjective opinion about the points system, available on the website of the authors, and the list control. So, here is a brief overview on the quality of the applicants and their qualifications. Big Charts is a contender, and receives 2nd Place. it has everything, all the main indicators, candlesticks, OHLC, and each of these indicators on the checklist. One of the essential factors that really distinguishes it from the others, which is the ability to draw the trend curves. Well done Bigcharts. In our tests, it was the only one who has the incredible ability. Wake up and smell the coffee. Bigcharts think is owned by CBS Marketwatch, but if you go to the website Marketwatch does not have access to all the functions, and you want to open the session. I recommend to Marketwatch that the full integration of the BIGCHARTS standard package and provide and provide a great experience for the customers. Bigcharts was not a style upgrade in years, and it seems that the “forgotten children”. Google Finance, While Google finance suffers from special for the weakness of his cards, with a score of 7 to 28 points, and the worst of all the candidates, this is not bad news. Google is a great place to go for news page, blog alerts, and the P&L And the balance of all the features, and if you only need a quick overview of the booking, it is always a good starting point for overview. The new can be put on top of the share price, which is unique and valuable for investors who are interested in the form in which the information contained in the price of the shares.

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