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Learn how to speed up the process, in Italian, can be used in a variety of different materials of the program, from the point of view of immersion in English. Can be programs, some of the audiovisual, the language is, of course, a dictionary, a thesaurus, you can listen to music, Italian, English and Spanish, and even in the television. The reading of local Newspapers, magazines and books in Spanish will also help. Dont forget to do a good grammar reference and a place for the book. This can be essential to learn early in their language, the efforts in Switzerland and abroad.

How I can practice German outside of class?

There are many ways, the Spanish outside of class. Important, in practice, every day, and they do not always speak for the knowledge of the Spanish language, what, where and when it is possible, but the chances of being read, the different types of materials, learn songs, and write in a journal every day, to describe his experience, among other things.

What is the best way to do this is the ability of listening and understanding of the English language?

Remote Spanish, listening to the radio transmissions, as the test, entertainment, transport, sports, news, and much more, to improve your Spanish, go and listen to the language. The Karaoke is not only fun, but also to effectively build, both in the pronunciation and understanding. Listen (discreetly, of course), the negotiations for the road, bus, tram or Metro. Listening to people in shops, markets and shops. The test, as well as the conversation between the customer and the seller. Listen to, sale of products, like the hawk in Their products.

This is the good opportunity, the Spanish language and the phrases and the concepts?

The jump is almost always in Italian, wake up service, almost every day. It is a great help for learning, work, language, expression and words, to see the soap opera called the roman, in Italian every day. Generally, this type of radiation, for the first time to see the opening hours is from 6 to 10. A phrase, the book also has some phrases and sentences.

Also, talk with the people, what are the other ways to practice my pronunciation?

Almost all of the activities for the discussion. Poems to recite, read, read, and lipsync to be useful. When it burns, even better. Then you have the opportunity to play with the sounds of his voice and the feeling, in comparison with the common people.

If I want to improve my word for it, what are the measures that I recommended?

Play and manage an unlimited number of word games, crossword, English, and, at the same time, a book, a magazine or a book, in which must be uptodate, phrases and expressions in English, especially in the countryside, the contact with the Spanish language. Play Scrabble or Boggle, and the purchase, or a series of puzzles, and not of the shop, the books or the Newspapers.Almost all are in agreement, d. h., to learn that the best way, in Spanish, in the country where the language is spoken as the first language of the state. This means that, from the technical point of view, at the age of 21 years, the country is immersed in the language. But not all countries are equal. There are some environments conducive to the learning of the Spanish language in comparison with others. In this article we will take a look at the Spanishspeaking countries, and the benefits for students of Italian.

In The SpanishSpeaking Countries

First, lets take a look at the list of countries around the world, the English must be, to begin with, as the first official language. Here are some of the most important aspects and options, we talked briefly about some of the best options. The countries in the list:

Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, New Guinea

There are several options to learn Spanish.

You will be able to learn the Spanish language, in the countries that are prone

For example, we have the following from our list:

Cuba, due to the political problems of today, but there is an option for the majority of Americans who want to learn,

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