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Soundtrack and often unique album, and many of them come with great shots table, in turn, generate other sources of income other than the United States and other countries for the performance of turnover radio business, television, cable and world belt theater mechanical royalties and CD sales, downloads, and royalties and commercial publicity rights, among many other sources of streaming.
Film music is divided into three main groups: stroke (score by James Horner Titanic, the score E. John T. Williams, and Randy Newman Toy Story 2 points); the current song or the song, and the original recording ( ‘Hungry Heart’ by Bruce Springsteen The Perfect Storm, Steve Miller ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ Space Jam, guess who the American woman ‘American Beauty); and a song written especially for the film (Diane Warren ‘I do not want to lose a little at Armageddon, Phil Collins’ You’ll be in my heart for the’ Tarzan and Harold Arlen and EY Harburg ‘Over The Rainbow’ The Wizard Oz.)Each of these three types of music in a different film involves a lot of negotiation, agreement and considerations and produces a wide range of back-end load system when the film was released.There is a hit song used in a film
The most successful film in the hit songs to create the taste of the time, to create a mood. . .The most successful film in the hit songs to create the taste of the time, to create a mood, give the player the opportunity to sing, make people laugh, make people cry, arouse emotions and create interest music albums in the success of the film and press simple. manufacturer who wants to use an existing image in the movement of the song must provide permission to the music used in the film composition. Once an agreement on the premium, the producer has signed what is called synchronization or permits wide, which gives the studios the right to distribute the film, selling on television, use the song or trailers, campaigns, television and radio and video sales. Contract awards Sync Music Publishing songwriters.

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