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There are memories that will be with family reunions and parties, as well as playing chasing games with their grandchildren. There are people to help through volunteer efforts and charitable organizations that help with. There are loved ones to visit and care.
His spirit says, ‘Yes’, but, unfortunately, without a plan, your body allows.
Your family and friends will be making memories, but all that will be able to think are your aches and pains that just seem to never go away, no matter what you tried … including very expensive drugs.
You realize that your body keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest. You are mentally there with friends or family at the time, but physically, you want to be in bed sleeping. You know this is not the best way to live.
Of course, you also have the famous list of ‘cube’, those incredible experiences you’ve always dreamed of that are now at your fingertips. Ask yourself … what part of my bucket list I have achieved?
There are places you want to see and even more memories you would like to do, but if you have to deal with the aches and pains and lack of energy will not be able to carry them out. You do not want that.
What if there was a solution for people like you … who are not looking for ‘fat loss’ latest fad or seeking to become the greatest athlete on earth?
And if there was a fact for the solution that has improved their skill levels and functional energy and adapted to their abilities?
What we want is a simple, step by step plan that you can incorporate into your life at this time:
Discover renewed energy regains his youth so you can do things you are doing now … even better
Increase confidence in their physical abilities so you can get much more out of life and you can say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no thanks’
Dramatically increase your endurance and stamina so you can finally play a full round of golf or gardening of hours your body is stiff and sore afterwards.
Reduce or even eliminate any discomfort, because you can get on the floor to play with his grandchildren (and back with ease!)
Rest assured that you will be fit and healthy 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.
You can be sure that you will have the physical ability to enjoy all the adventures and wonders that have not yet accomplish.But first, they think of the future in twenty years and imagine a life where you can move without worries and they have all the power over the world to enjoy their favorite activities … especially since found closer to the fountain of youth.
Imagine you are climbing the Plaza of Spain in Rome … all 135 of them … with his family. You are almost at the top when your grandchildren say ‘race to the top’ and take off in a burst of laughter. You chase after them, and in a burst of energy and to his surprise, not only catch them, but the passes. But, of course, because at the top to stop and let her win. Everyone laughs and high-fives together and enjoy the wonderful view of the Plaza of Spain at the top. You get to make a list of things but most importantly you also get a special time with your family will cherish forever.
It sounds great right? What could be better? But what if you were not able to run down the stairs with her grandchildren because her body was not sufficiently fit and healthy. Because his joints ached. Because they simply do not have the energy. Because they were too worried that falls down and gets hurt or ridicule too. What if you had to walk so slowly and take many breaks do not have grandchildren are fun because they are too bored waiting in your life? What if you could not even climb the stairs at all and had to wait at the bottom, while the rest of the family that created special memory … without you?
2Let face the aging process is not good and wants to undermine the body’s energy and vitality that we are not able to enjoy special moments like these. In addition, we ended up spending so much money, taking care of our health needs and do not even have the money to travel and visit family as we want. It gets too expensive and our body can not handle it.
This brings me back to the shocking statistic we wanted to share with you before it is too late.
The surprising finding, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, analyzed data from more than 3,000 people with Medicare in 2002-2008 to measure the impact of the costs of health care in the elderly.
The researchers measured the amount of eligible Medicare had spent out of pocket on health in the last five years older, and seen heavy costs on their total household income.
After crunching the numbers, the report found that during that period, more than 75 percent of households eligible for Medicare spent at least $ 10,000 out of pocket for medical care.
3Spending for all with an average of $ 38,688 participants in the last five years, and the remaining 25 percent, average spending was even greater; who spent a whopping $ 101,791 out of pocket.
A quarter of the participants also spent ‘more of their total health household assets, according to the report.
In 2011, about 58 people do not even seek treatment they needed because it was too expensive, according to a survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a research organization nonprofit.
But what will end up spending so much money on costs of health care? ..

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