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The first way: this is the classic I want to be a producer of hiphop, and beats for the rapper, who is the best in the world! or, better yet, I want to be one of the best Rapper in the world! Well, this line of reasoning is in order, because you have this dream, but there are people who think they can buy their dreams. That is to pass if you have a lot of money, so I am a professional. The beat of a naive outlook on the hiphop and, quite frankly, is not realistic.

I fell in love with this thing and spent a lot of money (over 2k) to find out what I need to spend a lot of money to have a good hiphop beat. The Reason For This? There are many hip hop beat makers that wont break the bank, or, better still, without the long learning curve and although I can mix pretty well now, I think it was wise of me to start with a software program (ProTools), if I knew what I was doing. The first type, to do the work, if you have a certain talent, but it is a difficult journey, if you are a beginner, because most of the plugins are useless, especially when you start.

The second way: This way, the other side of hiphopbeat. If youre all about the texts, in other words, they are more of a rapper or lyricist then a producer, then why is it that you do not take the first, there are some examples? There is a super cheap ($30) software programs that can make a huge catalog of these examples, the texts directly above them. They are called royaltyfree, beats and is worth the detour. This can save you tons of time, you do not need to mix, the sounds are already premixed to perfection), and enter the time of your passion, must be made in writing and, in this case, great words.

The third way: is the way we like it, because it is not expensive (about 30 euros), and write their own rhythms, in a sense, easytouse interface with 16tracks, a piano key and battery from the machine. The Beats are easy to make with a marker that goes through the steps, so that you can get the sneer, cymbals, bassdrums, basslines, piano parts and keyboards in just a few minutes. Then, you can export the sounds to mp3 and run the lyrics of the song with a simple recording software.

This third way makes the most sense, especially when you are a beginner, and some hiphop beat makers actually help to mix the music with tips and Tricks and video lessons. Buy it if you think that the model is a bit too easy and boring, and Ive spent a few thousand dollars, it is a little unrealistic, and then the third mode is the best and most important musical instrument for the speed hiphop, and you can pass the see the world of music.

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