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36 I felt better – a thin, fit, young, energetic and happy! I studied optimum health for 15 years and taught people in 10 years. alkaline thin shirts – Can I access has been shown to help my programs objectives.I know that the results are not typical results of all consumers and, therefore, were consistent with a healthy diet and physical activity; Results may vary..For me to understand the science behind what happened in the body all the difference in my life and health around the permanent misinformation field about what a good diet is in the transformation and we need people this leads me to the disease, before I ate vegetarian unconscious – complete food .. and reduce my feelings made the diagnosis of diabetes, and the fear that the disease will lead me to seek answers, we could not find a doctor dietary advice local classic for diabetics, but .. di Laura Wilson and his book, the story of an alkaline diet were 5 very inspiring to me, and all cards of the science made sense to me. in the past, we had a lot of acid reflux problems. I knew my body was very bitter, and jumped antacids like candy. coached Laura aid. three months after the second blood test called my doctor. I was crying on the phone joy when she read my HbA1c results. I was 07.01 to 04.09! Type 2 diabetes interrupted! Just take the responsibility and the patient refuses to find precise answers, they find a clue to the reason for my problem. EAT. Thank you Laura! “- Anna Sorano, Zurich, Switzerland.In the new module, weekly, by email, to take only two simple and effective measures. Do you have a crystal clear what to do, go and synergies between banks and the positive results.Module 8 gives the results of a week, compared to weeks.I thought Laura was younger, aged about 10 years -. It looks good in that aspect, I decided to go the dishes were very quick to do, and at the beginning, I knew how to finish – but they were absolutely delicious, all five of my children all hit fresh breakfast every morning and like, do not drink coffee or paracetamol to take a month, and I feel good, more energy, the best part .. I love him so colorful and delicious, not gain weight, they actually lost some weight “- beccy Davis, UK
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