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Raise one hand and / or foot on the ground.
One leg abdominal exercises bridge produce more muscle activation in the exercise of general abdominal bridge (Oliver Stone & Plummer, 2010). This strategy includes the dynamic changes in the tables, with alternation of support points through the whole. For example, changing the support points of the hands and arms which means that the arms move, but the abdominal muscles are still an axonometric view of the contract.
3. More arms and legs.Increase the distance between the arms and legs, the client can rest on the elbows, which are placed slightly forward of the shoulder joint is a ‘capacity’ hand – the so-called Sniper Plank. There are many intermediate variants of this strategy; placing his hands as an extension of the body – one or two inches less than the full extension of the elbow – the increase is the most difficult.
Practical experience shows clearly that the boards of weapons started before the body is more difficult than the arm panels positioned more or less under the body. biomechanical point of view, the increase in the intensity of the prolonged blade can be explained by the fact that the gravity works through the body center of gravity. In the neutral position, the body’s center of gravity is S2 (second vertebra of the sacrum). Hands placed shoulder flexion, the center of gravity is moved slightly towards the end of its normal position, the S2 level. In addition, gravity tends to lengthen the spine and to bring the body from the legs of the plane and rotation of the arm. The horizontal distance of the center of gravity, as well as the hands and feet are greatly increased compared to plain paper. Thus, gravity causes a couple much neutralized the body muscles. Because the shoulder joint is heavily involved in the implementation of the Council ‘of neurons in the energy administration can be scattered on the shoulder and the central council extends the customer’s perspective.

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