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I have a confession to make. I was a slave to debt for decades. I made all the mistakes with money management than you might imagine. enough income to pay my mortgage tens of thousands in debt credit card bills and monthly payments reached the point where he was killed and desperate in debt, no savings for retirement (charged) without savings. He had to do something.I started a painful, confusing journey, and face through the maze of options for debt relief and consequences. After making a number of costly mistakes and spending hundreds of hours of intense research that became, through first-hand experience, an expert in debt elimination and credit repair. I have captured all the best strategies and available precautions and have created a map to get through the minefield of serious debt problems safely.This book is a treasure map, a plan to escape from prison, a war plan. Every war ever won was won by the highest war plan and well thought out. This is your opportunity to discover, secure and fast to win your war with debt and completely eliminate the mountain of debt that is under proven methods.I wish I had known this before I got into debt in the first place. Knowing what I know, and be where I have been, never will borrow again, and my passion is helping people to eliminate credit card debt (and all debt) .The debt relief is manual source of the elimination of credit card debt can be found. It covers all aspects, in meticulous detail, outside any form of debt, repairing your credit report, and rebuilding your credit. Even you are given step by step plans to deal with creditors, collectors, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and the IRS. The wisdom in this book cost me several thousand dollars to buy, not to mention the hundreds of hours spent on research, reading, consulting with accountants and lawyers, writing and editing. Please let me save time and money you spend learning this treasure of information the hard way.
hope we not scammed by a business debt consolidation credit card. If you are paying for a moment, STOP! You can exit the contract and release any time. If I had not realized his ‘game’, I would have spent more than six thousand dollars in their ‘service’. You have to listen to my story (found in the book).

They undertake to negotiate with creditors and deal with them directly, so that creditors are not ringing off the hook for a huge fee. They lead you to believe you can not do this on their own. LIE! Do not be fooled like I did !!! Before I realized the scam and told them to take a hike, we pay more than $ 2,400.00. That was the money that could be used to repay debt. If it had continued its program to the end, he would have ended up paying $ 6,225.00 !!!

I would like a copy of this book six years ago. I would have saved thousands $$$ $$$ and lots of headaches.

This book is a complete guide step by step towards debt freedom from any angle. It should be used as a textbook for college. Creditors, debt collectors and credit card companies and attorneys IRS does not know these things – that would be out of business!If the information in this book is used, you will save money. If you are deep in debt like me and uses this information to eliminate credit card debt, you will save much money. For some, this book will be worth tens of thousands of dollars!Buy the book and get started today. As you progress, email me with questions or for encouragement.You can get out of debt faster, do everything yourself. Let this book be your guide.All you need to know to
Eliminate credit card (and others) of debt it is in this bookAs a gift you will also receive a copy of my own spreadsheet household budget (worth $ 47). It will save you many hours to set up and format. How much is 10 hours of your time worth? How about 20 hours? You can easily customize to suit your situation. If you are not using Microsoft Excel ™, you can easily set the same sheet of appointment of its own spreadsheet software, or just print it and use it with your hand.Manual full debt relief is a search for e-books professionally formatted in .pdf format. Get the book and a gift for immediate download. Print checklists so you can organize and track your progress, and start NOW.Are concerned about their debt? Struggling to make all your payments? The temptation to hire a company to debt relief to help? Considering bankruptcy? Faced with a demand for a collector? Late in their payments? Worried about your credit score? Full manual Debt relief is your plan to keep your money in your pocket and get free debt, fast, and then repair your credit with lightning speed, by itself, for free. Do not waste a dime on ‘professional help’. The only reason why there are such companies is because most people do not know how to quickly resolve debt problems or bad credit repair on your own. They have full manual relief debt! But you, my friend, you can change that now.

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