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A couple of Months ago, Guess the Production of QuickBooks, you start a new version of QuickBooks, which works with the Safari browser. This new version of QuickBooks, in the Presence of a multi-user alternative for Users of QuickBooks in a Mac Environment, and the future Users of QuickBooks for Mac. Now You can, for Mac, QuickBooks multi-user Versions of QuickBooks for a good Price monthly and the Backup automatic software updates and the monthly Price. Others, like the Safari Interface, QuickBooks Online is optimized for the iPhone. The iPhone app is Basically the following read-only Application, but a set of Properties, to be Able to Customers, Suppliers and Employees, as well as the Ability to create and send Invoices. Another Benefit for Mac Users, QuickBooks is waiting for the updates for the Mac version of QuickBooks. For the setup of QuickBooks Online and don’t have a need to convert your QuickBooks for Mac File to QuickBooks online, the File is relatively easy and simple. However, this will be a little difficult if You need to convert existing QuickBooks for Mac File to a QuickBooks File Online. Intuit does a good job, for in-line Installation. Manually convert the QuickBooks for Mac File to QuickBooks Online is not difficult, provided that you follow the Instructions carefully and Usually lasts about 30 Minutes. It is not possible to directly convert the QuickBooks for Mac File to QuickBooks Online. It is an intermediate step, the QUARTERBACK of The Files on the Mac for a QUARTERBACK in the Windows File with the drop-down Menu of QuickBooks for Mac. The Process begins by selecting the File Menu and then select “Backup to QuickBooks for Windows in QuickBooks for Mac software. After the End of this Process, the File to send to QuickBooks, and to receive an Alert when the Process of change, QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Online completion. At first, it was surprising to note that the Process is executed, Intuit Level, but in Real-time. A Proposal to facilitate this Process, if they are not in finite Time, from Intuit, I suggest that you contact technical support Contact and ask them to check the status of Your Conversion, and the Order in which They are Able to accelerate.

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