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I love sport and years to spend all my free time to learn more. I started preparing for my first bikini contest three years ago and absolutely fell in love with the challenge of preparing, and continue the stage adrenaline. After my first show, I took back my skills couture dresses and bedspreads in bright tiny bikini! I ‘been a great company, I can provide the amazing women in costumes that I will pour out my heart. Through this work, I found a new passion to help women beyond the bikini, and during the process. I work with more than 100 women and really enjoy my relationship with everyone. There are so many little things that go into the stadium, most of the ‘trainers’ competition’ does not do it, or simply more wind. The data can be a bit ‘stressful if left untreated. Because of this, I decided to collect email and texts and calls into a central resource to help many women in can.Time running for the University of California student about to change the world with great ideas presented
Berkeley, one of the oldest and most international in the national innovation student competition.

Three pre page for the contest, which awards up to $ 300,000 in prize on November 12 due to PST 24:00. competition categories include art and social change, alternative energy and resources, economic integration, Power Systems, overall health, increase student computer technology for the enterprise, and mobile browsing. Winners will be announced in May after two months mentoring and comprehensive proposal on March 9.Ideas are great mission ‘not only for promising innovations and recognition of students prize, but also to support multidisciplinary teams through the multi-step process annually. extended opening hours are unexpected meeting, and all the great ideas that consultants Nov. 12, 9: 00-04: 00, to help students with their project proposals.

For many innovative great idea students served as the first step to change a great feeling in a valid proposal. Last year, Amelia Phillips and the Big lärdoms team won the first prize in the category of conflicts and Somo development – activities of the investment of capital non-profit social organization focused work to identify, train, finance and control entrepreneurs who seek to change the social pressure. Phillips credits the competitive process in great ideas and resources for students who are required to get your project off the ground. ‘More important than funding, Big Ideas
Berkeley Community opened and it is still necessary for Somo growth projects, Phillips said. ‘Thanks to the great tips ideas now, to improve the way in which I described what we do and how we intend to develop and expand the organization’s influence.’

Since 2006, the competition is a support team to the students who came to more than $ 55 million in additional funds for a profit, the company’s non-profit, or hybrid. Innovations and businesses were great ideas: Telescope phone, which makes mobile phone with camera phone or tablet into a high-quality optical microscope; Cal Climate Action Partnership, a coalition of UC Berkeley students, staff and faculty pushes for carbon neutrality on campus to reach in 2025; Captricity, which sells software to capture data acquired forms written by hand; and the return to the roots, the creation of a sustainable food products, such as coffee grounds and other food waste.Competition is great ideas made possible by the generous support of its sponsors Rudd Family Foundation also sponsors the competition classes, including carbon neutrality uCOP Initiative, US Global development laboratory All children who read great challenge, the global center for the ‘ innovation Power System, the center of information technology for the benefit of society, Berkeley Food Institute and the Association of students of the University of California.’Competition is multidisciplinary and high-touch, said Phillip Denny, manager of the largest competition of ideas. ‘Students use their training, the passion and the skills to work on the important issues are invited to leave their traditional base university academic work, the danger, and.


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