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So, armed with this knowledge, the Grape is now predictable, we cannot Predict what will happen.

Wine Producers are equipped with a Numbering system to describe the visibletothehumanEye Growth Events, 1977, Modified Eichhorn and Lorenz System or the Change in the short, that is, without any Doubt, a Blow in the Eye, for the original Authors.Level 1 is the Bud of Winter, in which it is possible to take a semiHibernation, the winter. The first Signs of a new Year of Growth, and what excites me is the Phase 2 of the BudSwell, is Proof that the sap rises in the Vine, new Growth, new Life, new Cultures, the Possibility and the Hope that is renewed.

Then, we have the Story of the comicWoolyBud (3), and then the GreenTip (4), but what Steals the whole show for me and it fills me with wonder at all Stages of the life Cycle of the Step 5, The Rosette of leaf Tips. The Tips of the Leaves are at the Peak of the Epidemic, they begin to break, these Tips are pink in Color and acts as a Miniature ColorofRosesvery well. The Feeling of pure Astonishment, free of Thoughts, or Age, or who is around you, in what Condition we find ourselves in something Magical, something that is pure and holy, so that where I am, with The Rosette of the phenological phase. Finally, if a decision on the growth, you think that you may be all that is necessary is that the plant of the vine and of the grape into a great wine. Is not? The bad, it cant be more far from the truth. The most important part for the growth of the quality of the grapes after the implantation of the vineyard and the cleaning of wine.

Although you may think that the size of the screw, a boring task, in fact, had a great crop this year, therefore, what need is there of circumcision? You cant deny the fact that you have participated in a good crop without them, but Im more concerned with the amount of grapes, or the quality? Manufacturers have started to develop the vine, and you can imagine that the size is a nonsense, because it is a record of the collection. If this conclusion, which can be a big mistake, and you can pay a very high price.

The size of the screw is important, because to produce much more for the tire industry in the previous year, and the growth in s, If the screw to the left, as is, by a series of successes, which are on the left side of the theory, to be able to uva. However, this is not the correct approach, has the load of the screw and, in the process, the screw may break.

Do not eat the cluster. The maturation process takes place thanks to the help of the vine and the branches. On the number of clusters, more energy, and support. If the number of groups is large, the screws can be, the prices are reasonable, there is not enough energy for the ripening of the fruit. As a result, some of the grapes, the tires properly and you will not be able to use a wide variety of fruits. Also, if the plan of grapes for decoration, but it would be better that youve become. Therefore, the size of the screw and the wine is so important.

You will understand how important it is for the size of the vine, which seems to be a big problem for you, but a pleasure. What is important is learning the process of the correct size. You need a lot of patience, because it can be up to three years before the vine begins to bear fruit. The video should not be allowed to develop over a period of time, at least for a year or two, cut, before the commencement, on a large scale, because it can help to strengthen the system with the root user.

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