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   ..But if I can type much faster than you, it does not mean you can not do. In fact, I think if I could write a book about 6 hours, as I did on my Kindle Marketing Secrets book and write 100 words per minute, and the average can type 55 words per minute typing the same number of words for about 12 hours.So it is certainly possible for anyone. . . no matter how fast you type.I gave some simple methods below I dare to write a book quickly:Need a book on the subject first. You can have a title now, but you do not know what you want your book is about, and the general theme. For example, when I tried Turn Marketing Secrets book, I do not know what is in it immediately. . . I prohibit the sale of light.
When you are out, you should think about the sub-themes of the book. What you want to do this book? What information and nuggets ideas that can be included in the book? Subpixels that refine the themes, will eventually become chapters of this book.You do not know anything about the subject you want to write! In fact, the Internet, you can now easily get the content you want and get all the information out there for free, you can include Kindle book. You can buy other books related to Kindle and ideas, or to find YouTube videos, blogs, articles or anything that can give you the best information possible bookmark. Everything I wrote in one of my books (or articles on my blog) are not information that I have learned elsewhere!

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