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I am often asked: ‘How can I become a designer of lifestyle? I do not focus on what this means. If you are here, and your heart rate is likely to want tons of personal freedom, experiences and boats for the money. We will talk about how to achieve this.Clarity. How detailed are you ready to be the ideal way of life, business, and how you want others to treat you. If you want to make waves, do other things, or if you are afraid to say what you want in your portfolio, it is a life project. be clear or outside.The desire to do the job. Want to challenge yourself every day to create and build things that are important to you and to others? This is different from the will to use. The basic rule is the rule here 5 hours. If you are willing to work in the project or the boat of 5 hours a day, every day, you’re in good shape. Do not worry if you are not at the present time, some of the following exercises can help.too mixed vision without the will to work can cause shoulda-coulda-woulda atttitude. When this mode is easy to end up criticizing the contribution of other (what people who work rarely afraid to do!), Selectable or suffer from frustration. They often feel stuck at work or delay the cycle. I felt strong, when I thought I wanted to be songwriter- think how nice it would be the kind of guy who writes the songs, but it was not enough to convince me to do it really. Procrastinating- years!The desire to work without disturbing the clarity of economic losers. Venkatesh has described as ‘those who, for various reasons, can not (or was) an economic bad agreement: they gave some financial freedom in the long term as possible (because capitalists) Short-term financial stability . Replaced freedom of a short pay. ‘This could be the situation, many freelancers because it is so easy to get a customer to enter their own time.I will not say that the work as a freelancer, or worse, not at all. It depends on the situation and, in particular, the distance (and the journey is the right word, these things take time!) You can win big currencies, without money, including the possibility, time, flexibility, the excitement, learning, self-growth, are all very real. Good work can be a good springboard for greater personal freedom. Ask superiors clear organization. You want to be where they are? You can learn the knowledge and practices that are particularly useful are the true and lasting. It is to develop a trusting relationship with them, you can achieve long-term goals? If this is the case, there may be a lot of hands.I believe that if you focus on improving the clarity and the desire to work with you to create almost every imaginable way of life.First of all, articles and show in detail what a perfect day looks like. Do not bother with any conditions or restrictions. Identify what you want. For dinner, I eat good quality foods, such as organic lamb and a fresh garden salad, which makes me feel good, so I’m generally a time of reading and meeting friends to talk business and various blogs we read. . . ‘Where are you? How do you sleep? What clothes do you wear? How long it takes to write email? Write it down if you can. Be happy. Be careful. lifestyle designers are lazy thinkers. These ideas should be exciting. new and comfortable world.Imagine the ideal day is not enough to cut it. You also need to find a way to work at least five hours of creative work of high quality. This number is important for me, because I believe that everyone, even those of you with jobs and children can create up to 5 hours per day. Without a huge amount of working capital (current assets and often) is a fantasy life can not exist without some form of a unified creative output. (Art, will discuss the construction, software development, design, writing, sales, business building, marketing, to establish a strategic relationship).If it is difficult to identify the 5 hours of creative work, you are excited, try to make a list of all the things you do not mind doing every day for 5 hours. Your ‘work’ can be something that you believe is valuable or you think others laugh (blog, cycling, podcasting, interviews, writing, life coaching).Choose your favorite and start doing it. Build and operate 5 hours per day. Market. To interact with the space. Learn everything you can about it. Focus on skills and advanced. Something has to be one that leads to the next level. If you love to paint, start painting, training, networking painters 5 hours per day. Are you satisfied with what you do. Hire an assistant, provided, of course, find a business partner.This is essential: think like a business. Think of the business means that you want to ensure that public purchasers cultivate and build a city (hint: sell something at the beginning) and focus on the parts of the book will be useful ‘to others.

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