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EMPS has happened before and will happen again
EMPS experience in the world. Four, I can say that I’m here (CME February 2 nuclear explosion), usually by reference.Carrington The first event in 1859, the first to document the effects of the solar flare events on the planet. The incident took place at 11:18 a. Mr. EDT on September 1st and is named after Richard Carrington, solar astronomer who participated in the event through a telescope.The second Starfish Prime test event. In 1962, the US government launched April 1 to about 250 000 megatons nuclear in the atmosphere above the Pacific Ocean. These results pulses much stronger than expected. Damage of street lights and the radio switches Hawaii 000 900. PEM was so difficult, this is not an accurate measure due to the size of many sustainable instruments.Starfish poet first full video:.The third event was the Soviet Union, the EMP test called ‘test 184 ‘. The first starfish tests. Not many details have been released about. Although the warhead was not as effective as the first star of the fish, it exploded about 180 km from the Kazakh population of the region.It is known that the underground test site PEM 184.600 km underground power line (screening) of 3 feet. This is caused by the central fire connected. It also damaged the diesel generators. (No, most of the input and / or classified.)For the record, that the ends used in both events associated with WMD experience. Therefore, the two are not considered as a day of fruit very inefficient.It shows the latest event to hit Canada CME March 13, 1989. A powerful solar eruption caused more damage than six million people without electricity for nine hours.

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