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it’s amazing how you can hide almost 6 feet tall! and when Flavia make program nutrition training I was more than ready meal plan is very practical (except vegetables Flavia morning .. .. sorry!) and meet ;! exercise plan is difficult and full of variety (stability ball at the end achieving results established practice) speak for themselves … … 16.8 pounds of weight loss and 4 “in my size. !. They are healthy and 50 as we had a lot of time. Flavia ongoing challenge … thank you, and God bless the product a major event in the newspaper!I am so ready for the next program or exercise more. I lost 18 pounds. I have so much I want to achieve and do not want to lose what I have. I felt it was a good change when I look at the mirror. last week finally saw amendments to define more legs muscle and lose some of an inch. I do not have an education, and food has lost its way, it will be 99% of the time.I’m 33, I’m a Russian, I live in Dubai, UAE, has a son 4 years. I am 165 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. My body fat% 24-26% more than their age are my abs. I struggled in my fat most of my life! I was 4.8 kg (big baby!) was born and 8 years old, I was diagnosed with stage 2 obesity. May sorry I have to get 35 kg during pregnancy. honest, it was about 4 years and now I’m confused …. because I tried almost all the new software, and I can get from these 10 kg fat 6 weeks decreased by 3 kg of fat will again – .. !! few inches here and there, I went from 25% to 22% body fat is not bad now and we want goals 15 % of fat Thx for your support and advice.Overall, we lost 3 inches (or loose clothing, so for me) and 2 kg 🙂 I actually eating / exercise. I’m still working my way perfect. With an advantage. I am very happy to continue the program. very thank-you really amazing and so inspiring.

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