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‘I started to incorporate DUP in my weight training program last summer while preparing for my first weightlifting to know during cutting for a show figure.My strength increased significantly leading to my weightlifting meet, even when a significant amount of body weight is lost. In my first meeting, they were a score of 403 Wilks, after following DUP for less than 6 months.I had never seen my strength increase significantly until I started this training protocol and is recommended for anyone who wants to see improvements in their strength or physical. ” I thought I would give it a chance DUP, so I committed to follow the system for 12 weeks.The results were – how shall we say – quite nice. In fact, they were very impressive.

I was not a bad lifter in advance, having competed in some competitions as a sub-74kg (163 pounds) of lift. My elevators were semi-competitive in my federation, with a squat 330 lbs, 465 pounds of deadweight and bench press 230 lbs, but I was not going to win any title. Until I tried DUP, it was.Flash Forward 12 weeks, and competed in the championship of Southeast GBPF. I finished with a squat 350 lbs, 480 lbs deadlift and bench press 250 lbs. I won my category … ah, and also took best junior lifter in the day based on the Wilks score.Not only that, but he had gotten thinner than the more than 12 weeks, and actually weighed 71.1kg in the project (156 lb) – up to 5 pounds of my previous meeting. So that’s an increase of 55 pounds in my heart and Wilks qualifies shoot from 337.63 to 364.13. Not bad for 12 weeks of work. Thanks DUP! ” I’ve been up for about two years and I do not feel so good with my lifts and my body as I stood up using DUP. I could feel myself getting stronger and has been reflecting on my numbers. Specifically my bank that has always been a weak point for me. The most important thing is what I like about DUP is that before I feel a lot of break down at my body. I feel that programs were being used more and more pushing.With the feeling DUP has the perfect amount of work and push without making me feel like I was breaking at times. I feel very healthy physically and physically stronger now, more than I’ve ever had. I can honestly say that I will train with DUP for the rest of my days lifting and never look back. ‘Now, it may not be as weak as the guy in the picture, but you are reading this because compared to many, seems weak. It’s not your fault.There is so much out there on the Internet. You see the videos that receive the most people on Facebook and Youtube. If that’s not enough, oil deadweight world record is 1015lbs. If you can deadlift 355lbs then that’s an insignificant 35. If you were being tested, which would have an ‘F’ in its dead weight, and going to summer school …. what strength athletes and every day lifters are calling the ‘gold’ of technical resistance men and women of all ages looking to get stronger, faster.This method of strength in the black market allows you to lift more weight within just 3 weeks without hitting a plateau.In fact, if you start using this method today, you’ll get results so quickly that people accused of cheating.

… But not always ask ‘Do you even lift?’Being strong is the basis for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle, and athletics. If you get lost in learning this method (which is backed by science and research), which could remain weak forever.

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