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Please note, if socialized and functionality confidently in public. It should be comfortable and confident in this social environment. Look to see if it is really focused on the other side, you look around at other women, or only breast. Please note, if he keeps the social distance, or if it comes to a personal, intimate, and makes you feel attacked. This change in her body language is important for your own analysis, what type of guy he is. Attention to the order, arrogant, manipulative, and the guys are moving in the personal space uninvited immediately. Watch out for these guys and escape as soon as possible.
Approximately woman shaking hands
, Continue to hand handshake depends on the culture and the environment. It is sometimes a polite thing to do, and it can provide many other hidden data to another person. Learn to read his handshake, he does not want you to know!U. S. became a custom in social situations of women follow the rules of a handful of human hand. This means that the right hand is free to shake hands, he gained first hand. If he does not extend his hand, you can expand the handshaking necessary. This clearly demonstrates that keep women and men are treated and respected as well. So if this is appropriate for where you are, to extend the hand in a handshake. This will give you an opportunity to assess what kind of guy he is! See the cool confidence and power as the alpha male. Good posture and smooth movements are a good sign. The head, chest and gut the air intake. It is good if it is not strange to walk or support staff waving his hands as he looks around to see who was watching him. What do you want to see is him quietly, comfortably and safely walk the eye contact and smile.

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