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A symptom of fear or excessive anxiety are not able to think clearly (Nasrudin came closest to the pit). This happens because of the emotional part of the brain ‘swamp below a lot of thought to avoid, for example, for a discussion of how to run Bejessus lion.But the present situation, we want to keep clearly in mind. And keep thinking brain ‘still works just for you. The following steps will help you do it.3) Use different part of the brain
When we are very concerned, it is difficult to think clearly. But if we try to use part of the brain thinking, ‘it dilutes feelings and begins to subside.The best way to do this is with numbers. You can increase the fear January to October 10 is the most terrified, he can be and is an ideal place for relaxation.When you feel anxious, ask yourself, ‘Well, what number on the scale, I have 1:07 or 1:05? Only this will reduce the anxiety when he begins to think carefully brains, emotions and automatically handles makes you calmer.I remember the first time I gave a speech to three hundred people. Just before I was to start, I feel more concerned than I would have liked. So I undressed at 1:06, longer than the breath for a moment, waiting for me to go down to the 1:03 departure. I took control. Setting the scale (sometimes called ‘active’) fear of the ‘fence’ around, making it easier to manage, and forcing think.4) Take control of your imagination
Fear and anxiety develop when we imagine the worst. We have developed our imagination to take in the future, so that we can plan for the future. However, the side effect can not imagine a future imagined positive things go wrong. A piece of what is useful; After all, it can actually be thieves and usurers. But uncontrolled imagination is a nesting place for anxiety and fear, which can destroy an otherwise happy life.Some use their imagination long and suffer more anxiety than the future constructive imagination of the project or not tend to think about the future much at all. Fearful, chronic worriers tend to abuse their imagination far future events feel like impending doom. No wonder all their lives can be ruined by fear and anxiety.Some do not even know that they are doing this. so:Sit down and make breathing 7/11.Are you down, no matter what number you think you are 2 or first
Imagine that you are afraid of the situation, you see a calm, composed, cool and comfortable, and is doing well. To do this, start to renew feel calmer and more optimistic about upcoming events or general situations that cause anxiety.Or let me do it for you using a free audio below:5) Using current technology in…Fear and anxiety can feel like they are ‘just happens to us, but we have much more control than we realize. Aware is an acronym for….

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