Solar Air Lantern Cube

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What I like is the simplicity. There is only one button on it, each of the strips 10 and the beam. It does not weigh much and flat, it does not take up much space. You can easily slip back into a fault backlight bag, perhaps ideal, or in an emergency camping lantern. It is much easier for this lamp Sunbe the world.It is a very strong inflatable. It can be moved to any height, and probably will not cut it. They just went to the dog pulled. Little Bo-Bo would be out of the park dates.So how good is it really?airbag Mpowerd lamps solar lamps to go..Go at night, it’s OK lantern. It is, in fact, based on the amount of light flow lumen 65 at full power. Snow, unfortunately, is not reliable, the amount of reflected light, because it is a good writer to do. But if we take the right, there is no problem walking around in the dark bumping against something. You need a flashlight to see any distance at all. I do not see any problem as far as I can see, even if it is not designed for the torch. In other words, the Cree.What do you think?Skylights center or an emergency lantern
Mpowerd in this case, is the nation’s third design of the lamps with the outside world network. In fact, you can also go to their site and provide lights for this purpose.I can see how this is Camper and preppers.I took off my RV at midnight to see if it would work at full power mode and has been replaced with a backpack tent. If it worked, it really works in a tent.I turned off all the lights and set the matter. The beginning was probably safe to walk on top of the lantern. You can see a little ‘light, but it works.

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