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For example, you can search for types of leaves that people like or love as a separate page. Think about it!competitors and on the way to the Facebook page of the restaurant leaves. . . Facebook can just follow people like this page, but other benefits. Keep an eye on things, such as magazines and movies and they like their food or favorite drinks.
This shows that magazines like People also want to Tommy Bahama Restaurant..Another thing is that you can use Facebook Insights to the public. You will need an account to use as an advertising medium.Public Insights, can create public interest in the selection, location and other demographic and other Facebook he said what they want and more about their behavior.Use a large graph, as you can quickly and easily view the different pages Insights public understands people demographics, making the most of Facebook provides recommendations on what other people want.For example, if you are a yoga teacher and do not want people within a certain radius of where you live link, first the center of the total population is defined. Then you can choose male or female, age, language and interests – as Lululemon Athletica yoga or other marks.From there you can click on the right side of the tool and can see the other pages they like, what they buy and their interests.

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