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DIVA program I fit Academy Jermaine Andre and before I knew it, I lost ¬£ 40! But this is not the biggest win I’ve ever had! I also developed the ability to punch, kick, throw and defend myself as I thought! I could take a foot above the limit! I developed even to the point where you can put on gloves and hats and economies without hesitation. I could not imagine information. When you walk the streets now or go to the mall with the kids, we are all more aware of the environment and is ready to take anyone who crosses the line with us. Now we have the tools (hands, feet, knees and spirits) that we can use to protect us anytime! ‘Learn how to fight, but I think, and train my body, but my mind is not always a significant deterioration in the condition my studies at the Academy Andre Jermaine!Ten years I have participated in wrestling, taekwondo, boxing, jiu-jitsu, long-distance running, weight training, yoga and CrossFit. All programs can be very exciting and thrilling. But he could not commit to any of them for more than six months. I’m basically a jack of all trades and master of none. I was so excited to start with any hobby, but lose interest over time. Now I realize that my body is a great workout, my mind was very limited stimulus. This will eventually lead to boredom, lack of interest in the program and lack of motivation.Then come Jermaine Andre 2012 finally provided education that stimulates the mind and body. Teaching methods offers self-defense, how to run properly, how it affects my body, how to fit in my opinion, self-control with respect to protected situations and how to respond to the actual voltage. Jermaine education I received helped me to concentrate on work, soothing personally my life, and greatly increased my self-consciousness.I am proud to three years, I am very happy to be a member of the Academie Andr√© Jermaine when I arrived! Somehow, I am even more excited the more I practice, the more skills and techniques that I have. It is still a jack of all trades, but with the help of Jermaine Andrew, Andre Academy decided to become a master of mind and body.

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