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I have tried many, many purchases of the boys, and I was not disappointed. The customer service here is probably one of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. Especially since the man called ‘Joey’ be to help me for 90 of my calls.Of course, recently my (5) 30 tanks used (1) plate pump 14 wrong lighters, and in the same order in which to put my TSN BCAA Energy Blend Square Hyper IN ritual (which will be held Friday in regular service). MA, Joey, of course, I set fire YEARS I first directed other pump pipe lighters and many examples to supplement sorry. So really, I’m hyper BCAA free energy, which is good because they made a mistake.

All of the above has happened very quickly, and it was the only time I ever had big problems with my order (and I did a lot). I live in Canada and throughout the international order without problems, should those who have the products is not allowed :). I never used to get together with customs duties when they used the USPS, DHL has recently changed and now I have the right to 80 hours (13 + a plate fees $ 10). Please note that the delivery of heavy objects is very small, it is sufficient to balance according to what I command you.

The choice of muscle strength and good enough, but the products have a strange behavior was not what I was winning. But hey, they can not memorize everything.Their prices are really good, and, in general, all the items have cheaper than, BOGOS make it even more attractive. By the way, I have most of my shopping on special offers and coupons section ‘is super convenient. A page to see all the offers and current Bogo beams, as other sites you may have to hunt and peck.It ‘a great feature realllllly. LOVE media and you want to have more than one company had organized fashion sales.The last thing you recently changed something sucks new examination system. Now you can select the control samples, but you only get two (like the good old Where in the past you would just call or e-mail asking them the following example to get your order to you and fill them with anything from 5 to 15 samples at one time.

But overall, I would say that they are serious competitors, and more people would like to give them a try. They always have great sales on the stay of the US, so check. They also say 4.99 times the standard shipping on all orders. I just want to roll the dice was a duty for me, but I have to live in Canada! 🙂
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The right choice is not as much as
March 13, 2011 Total: 10.0 | Service: 10.0 | Selection: 8.0 | Price: 9.0
All other retailers reviews, so I thought. Let me start by saying that I have heard here earlier this week on animals until Anger for $ 24 I placed the order for Animal Rage Tuesday around 0:30 the next day, I returned to my d 03:30 ET anger was sitting on my door. I did not use any special delivery, only 5.99 standard shipping by Fed-Ex. And ‘good enough IMO. The right choice is not as much as, ProSource, etc., but they have some very good deals on the bars. Right now offers two Jack3d for $ 45 also have a date bargains. For someone who has not heard of this case, be sure to check.

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