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Move all the joints in the morning and evening to your tissues and organs. breath once daily for the lungs and heart. And something heavy press a few times a week to his bones. Meditate and pray at least once a day, because the mind is the only thing that requires immobility for optimum performance. You have not had food. reactions to what you eat, you can not eliminate are made, and how ºve offers whole body. This was my childhood obesity; Maybe my joint disease. No gluttony and lethargy; but a series of biochemical reactions that had consumed, which could not be removed from my body and the way it has been my system.Some types of exercise can not solve caloric expenditure; and in some cases to manage aggravation. Movement moves their nutrition, so if you have negative reactions, the movement can spread. However, a measure that has proven over centuries, can solve the symptoms and eliminate the side effects gift, AOT need to create the perfect approach food and training. This n, an AOT. Only exploration for its positive response to what you eat, excrete and move your body. It will change with the seasons and years; the type of activity and emotional stress; prevention, and sustainable recovery from injury and illness.

You can be sure that even today when you find the right approach, over time it will change. And integrate different, as I have done with you here in 5 classics. Your health movement is a journey, not defined by one of its destinations; it is a process, not a single method, but through an exploration of the most proven over time. This may seem that makes it more difficult. Well, you can. But at least you do not have to suffer attempts to find and apply the perfect diet program and training. And ºve consolidated as better than ºve found here. My journey began with the first transition back to food and clean water and health classic fortification.Movement shown healed my fight because he had the delivery system cells to my diet. You AORE supposed to listen to their wishes, once you have recovered your intuition. They will tell you how to prevent, resist and recover from adverse reactions; what to wear and what to avoid; how to become their positive responses, and cure their negative reactions through movement.

My first genetic circumstances forced me to seek alternative solutions to health and fitness. For decades, ºve I traveled all over the world practice and training, and education and training, I meet a lot of unconventional methods to maintain healthy joints, my smooth muscle and connective tissue strong and my sensitive to a three-dimensional world. This series represents some of the classics: Battle tested that are used to maintain vital body powerfully as our years allowed approaches. Over the years, I ºve part used is returned to the other, heavily modified and combined. But I must pay tribute to the methods that put me on the road to being a good blessing, operational preparedness for all physical tasks and timeless expression. During the 5 Classics, I presented a program of optimal health and fitness programming directly, unaltered and without changing the traditional methods of origin worldwide five days a week.

Although certainly gain strength, muscle development and conditioning, goal, arising from the conditions of movement and martial arts, physical training provides painless, specific to the longevity of the human animal. graphic classics like me 5 (and for those of you lucky enough to be part of the supply of promotional launch, Vintage Classics 2 bonus.) You won ° T need to take a day off because they were designed to give you more energy and vitality . In fact, you can do more than give you the protocol; What is the minimum program. Don ° T stop what ºre. Do this in the morning before breakfast, since all of them are between 10-20 minutes.

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