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On the whole, the application for android smartphone and tablet, tool, interesting, everything that a user posted. There are a lot of apps: Google Play Store, to help, the masterpieces of the graphic on the map, but, rather, it is a piece of cake! Dont worry, here is a list of the 5 best android apps for graphics professionals:
iPhone apps are a powerful extension to the workflow of a professional designer. I have a collection of the most useful iPhone apps for graphic designers, I have experienced. Each one brings their contribution and offers a special support for your trip to through the design.

RulerPlus: RulerPlus is a simple application for your iPhone, only 7 cm / 2 inches of the rule. Not only that, we need to act quickly, but you can also extend the rule. Simply move the iPhone in the right side of the page and press the + button to create the rule for the advanced. Supports inches, millimeters, and inches.

Dexigner for iphone: with This app, you will find the latest news, events, exhibitions, conferences and competitions, with nothing in terms of design. Stay with the best ideas for the organization of events and competitions. It is not necessary, there is no software to download, all you have to do is look at the Web page developer, on your iPhone.

Range: the palette is a tool of productivity, the creation of color palettes. Order any number of pallets. Try the variety of colors, images, web pages and photo albums on the phone. Import and export of color palettes in Photoshop. The range of colors is able to reproduce all the colors attractive, when you click an image, a website or another thing.

ZeptoPad: ZeptoPad changes, save your ideas: sketch; design; design: with your finger as with a pen, freehand on the iPhones screen or enter text with the virtual keyboard. You can drag and move text or picture elements at any time, cut, paste and cut. You can use a spreadsheet, the other ZeptoPad directly to you

iPhlickr: iPhlickr is ideal for a moment of Flickr file. All you have to do is go iPhlickr page of the web page in your iPhone, to begin, you can through photo albums on Flickr, you can access your profile and search for a member of Flickr.

The color of the experts: the Expert in color contains powerful tools for the identification of artists and Designers, translation, compilation, and presentation of color. The artists know that inspiration can, at any time and in any place Some of the best ideas in the queue, away from the studio. With the expert in terms of color, you have the tools for the time in which a color.

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