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The Alfred Healthcare Group,Alfred Health Carer Services…Alfred is a major referral hospital in third level. An important role in the provision of tertiary and quaternary services are specialized in the state and national level.Specialized services include trauma, emergency and critical care, comprehensive services for cancer, blood disease, lung disease, melanoma, bone marrow transplantation, the cardiology / cardiovascular, neurosurgery, general and specialized surgery and medicine, psychiatry and diagnostic services.Among the services statewide Alfred replace the heart and lungs, and organ transplantation, cystic fibrosis, burns, / AIDS, hemophilia, sexual health, HIV hyperbaric medicine and surgery.Alfred provides acute and mental health services for residents of municipalities to address the health needs of the local community. These services are provided in outpatient and various facilities and in collaboration with other community service providers.Founded in 1871, it is the oldest of the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, which in its original place.The hospital was built in honor of His Royal Highness Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who survived an assassination attempt in 1868 during a visit to Australia. Melbourne people were so grateful for the safety of the prince who founded a fund to build a hospital in his name.Since then, Alfred Outrider recognized as nationally and the doctor is always connected to the progressive development of intensive care, medical research and the training of healthcare.Today, we have a reputation as one of the leading healthcare providers in the world Alfred – mostly about the concentration of large services, such as heart and lung transplant cardiology and trauma care, oncology, and respiratory medicine.Alfred offers the most complete range of specialized medical and surgical services in Victoria and offer all treatments – with the exception of obstetrics and pediatrics.


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