fitness boot camp workout routines
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Bootcamp Workouts for Diabetics

Two common types of diabetes include both type 1 and type 2. We refer to type 1 as adolescent diabetes. It is different from type 2 because when you have type 1 you’ll stop producing insulin completely.  Type 2 diabetes occurs in older adults when the body stops producing adequate levels of insulin or the person is resistant to insulin they already make.

When you have diabetes you can’t utilize your blood sugar.  Your blood sugar increases and your body can’t transport sugar in and out of your bloodstream very well. You can lower your blood sugar levels with exercise, medication, and diet.

You can manage your diabetes with exercise which benefits you regardless of the type of diabetes you have. For those with type 1 diabetes you’ll find that exercise helps to maintain your insulin sensitivity, it increases the ability of muscles to use glucose, and helps you to prevent excess weight gain. While you can’t prevent type 1 diabetes, it’s possible to avoid type 2 diabetes.

Regular exercise such as fitness bootcamp workouts will help you prevent type 2 diabetes from occurring. You can also use herbs and vitamins to help control your weight and prevent insulin resistance.  Exercise helps to lower blood sugar levels and you’ll also avoid many of the complications that your body can go through when you’re diabetic. Even if you walk around 30 minutes per day you can reduce the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

Fitness bootcamp workouts will help you to lower blood pressure and it will also improve your circulation in your body. When you have diabetes you can have poor blood flow in your lower areas so exercise helps give you better circulation. Exercise has far more benefits than risks so it’s worth it to start exercises. When you exercise you’ll see your blood sugar levels decrease over time so check your levels before and after exercise to see if you’ve had any benefit from your session. Your exercising can make you sensitive to insulin which can result in very low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

If you go for fitness bootcamp workouts be sure to let others around you know you’re diabetic so they can respond if you suffer from hypoglycemia. Be sure to carry fruit, candy, or other sugar foods so you can treat a case of low blood sugar when you suffer an episode. Take care and respond to how you feel during and after your exercise routine. Watch for increased sweating, rapid heartbeat, or shakiness which can indicate that your blood sugar is too low.

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fitness boot camp workout routines

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Exercise is important in treatment and management of diabetes. You’ll get better control of your blood sugar and your muscles will use glucose more efficiently. Exercise helps minimize and prevent diabetic complications such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and difficulties with your circulatory system.

Diabetics should make exercise a part of their daily lives. Fitness bootcamp workouts are great because you’ll get help from a qualified trainer who will help you with weight loss. Start slow and don’t overdo your workouts. Make friends and be sure people know your diabetic. Don’t let diabetes stand in the way of your life. Exercise and you’ll feel better and be able to manage and look after your diabetes easier.

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