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Anger is a feeling that my parents were particularly unpleasant. I do not specifically remember being criticized for being upset me, but I remember he had a bad feeling because I’ve seen the destructive power due to inform my parents. I have developed a lot of shame to be angry, and I learned to finish strongly enough. But now I realize that the problem was not that my parents got angry: the problem of their attempts to deny his anger, and how destructive it is finally express.Be angry with a parent is scary, children who were completely dependent on them for our survival. Alienating parents in anger could lead to abandonment, which would mean certain death in our minds since childhood. If parents continue to criticize or embarrass an adult and never meet to be angry with them, or never express anger toward them, it’s time to start letting your true feelings of anger toward the surface. Learning to say:The first step before leaving the critical nature is recognized. Explore and perfectionists that are critical to you and others. It will begin to reveal the dark side is afraid that people will reject the discovery. Stop pretending to be a human being and the world knows its own internal struggles and conflicts.A huge weight has an internal critique is exhausting, so focused on energy cynical world or perfectionism and low self esteem. In all cases, the waiver resolve internal review. Begin to notice when you’re critical of yourself and others, and do their own internal criticism of the less serious. Just notice them and let them go.


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This does not mean that the ‘magic script to store. . .The scripts do not believe in magic. I felt comfortable with them myself. Not just me.
Using the technique that I want to share with you. . . what I call the infiltration of Blueprint network, you will not need a script.
This technique works because it has’ no pressure. ‘. . just a friendly chat with the customer or the partner.
It is based on the fact that most of their clients and referral partners want to help, do not know how to do it in a much more easy and convenient for them.


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Baixa auto-estima associados às interrupções de pensamento (pensando). Pessoas com baixa auto-estima têm uma visão muito distorcida do que é realmente Sen; Ao mesmo tempo, essas pessoas têm requisitos muito avançados para o que deve ser ou realizar. Uma pessoa com baixa auto-estima, mas fala a si mesmo, que inclui pensamentos como:
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