Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery in order

Learn and Acquire Pencil Portrait Mastery: Your Place, Your Time!

Learning how to draw a portrait is both fun and a rewarding activity. Though it look like it’s an easy thing to do, pencil portrait drawing and its mastery needs a proper coaching, guidance and a dash of creativity and interest. Though some few are gifted with such talent, they too, had undergone a lot of training and endured an eternity of routines and practices. The purpose of this review is for you to know that pencil portrait learning and mastery can never be too late for you, or if you are already a professional, then you need this one to further enrich the skill and techniques that you already got!


Product Name: Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery – CHRISIA2
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I would like to formally introduce to you Christopher Sia’s Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Course e-book. This is an e-book of step-by-step guide to become a master pencil portrait artist where you can learn right at the comfort of your own home and the convenience of your time.

In the following, you will read my thorough and objective review of Sia’s Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Course; the content lessons, some matters to consider, and my over-all opinion on why should it be an e-book that is worth to buy.

What’s Inside the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Course e-book?

It basically consists of five extensive yet easy to learn portrait drawing lessons; starting with:

Lesson # 1. How to Draw A Realistic Eye Like A Master; in here you will be able to learn first what details to observe in the subject’s eyes and as a result, will lead you to draw correctly thus, effectively manifest the subject’s emotions. Moreover, find out the author’s surefire method on applying perfect shadow and highlights on the eyebrows as well as the eyelashes.

Lesson #2. How to Draw A Realistic Nose Like A Master; compiled here are some of the basics that are crucial in learning to draw a realistic nose. Important details of the nose that should be given with utmost attention are also being pointed out here. This is to ensure the realistic effect of the nose to the overall portrait.

And so with the succeeding lessons in

  • How to Draw A Realistic Mouth And Teeth Like A Master
  • How to Draw A Realistic Ear Like A Master and
  • How to Draw Realistic Hair Like A Master.

Not only that, also included are a detailed 12-Week duration of portrait drawing exercises where you will be guided in a tri-level program of training and technique application; from beginner’s, to intermediate up to the real master level.

All the modules are provided with the corresponding illustrations for each of the method so that you will not be figuring out on your own how the image looks like. Plus! high-resolution photographs in black and white for you to work on with. Here, you will be able apply and practice all the lessons discussed; this is a very helpful additional material for which as you go along the way, you will discover the varying features of each subject.

Some Points To Consider

As I went along with the lessons, the author had somehow missed some important aspects like establishing theoretical background on basic pencil portrait techniques like the measurement of the proportion of each of the facial parts. The lessons also tend to focus only on a single facial part and thus, failing to connect to the overall facial parts.

However, it must be noted that Christopher’s intention in this pencil portrait tutorial is for you to follow through an extensively discussed entire drawing process geared towards achieving that realism in pencil portrait. The e-book also contains many pencil portrait techniques that will surely hone your skills in pencil drawing.

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery in order

Pencil Portrait Mastery The Challenge

Christopher Shia had also admitted that achieving efficiency and mastery in pencil drawings portraits is not all about an overnight miracle. It further encompasses an eternity of trials and errors; not to mention workshops and private tutorials that would certainly dent your pocket. In fact this has been experienced by the author himself. That’s the reason why he was able to come up with this ultimate instructional e-book on how to draw portrait and pencil drawings.

The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Course e-book is definitely a worth investment for you to learn and hone your pencil portraits drawing. As what have been said, practice makes perfect; this time, with the right tools, well-taught lessons and passion, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve with your pencil drawing talent. Good luck.

Choosing a Pole Dancing Pole – Personal Preference Rules

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With the advantages of high resistance of the organism and ability, which has gained in popularity as a form of exercise. In contrast with the first step and aerobics training, a different type of cardiovascular exercise. The women (and men) feel beautiful, sexy, provocative and sensual, the dance bar is. Dancing, you can burn calories, become stronger, more agile, more flexible, and more agile.

There are many advantages, what makes this type of exercise. The first advantage is that by using the pole position, the movement, the works really help with your strength. The polo is an excellent strength training. If you imagine that the movement that you can use, in the opposite the post office, you will see how this will help his strength. Really improve your strength, because it is a classic exercise for resistance. Control of the movement, you can animate, more, better, and more to earn more. Not only that, much more addictive, but if he starts, the changes of the body, the performance and the feeling of selfworth, the most valuable. When working in the polo cant stop!

It is more likely that youre going to reach your goal, to do if the process, for the fun of it. There are many fitness programs, as much fun as this. Pole dance classes are different. You have a great time, and more agile, at the same time. This type of exercise is also great for all, keep a good attitude and helps you make faster and more flexible. If you think this topic is a good way to keep fit, and is quick to the effective functioning of the trend.

There are psychological benefits, which can be seen in this situation. Many people do not know that physical activity can stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin, the levels in our body. What makes to promote a person, the feelings of happiness and euphoria, as well as the direction of the realization of the equipment of the class. What are the benefits of pole dance classes.

One of the most important benefits of the dance classes in the post office, dont really feel like a class room. This makes it an excellent way to stay fit and enjoy. In General, polcourse dance to be seen as something only for women. But even if this is the case, a lot of time, it may also be enjoyed by men, with the number of the condition and the health of all the benefits you offer.The dance on the pole in the same sport and the skill. Includes gymnastics, ballet and modern dance movements around a Polish polo. The species are infinitely choreographed many of the things you can do in a dance routine. You will be able to learn a lot from the pole of knowledge and skills in practice. The movements include turns, climbs, static pose, and the body is reversed. Pole dancers can add a little of ground floor and sexy fill, moves on to the end of the routine dancing.


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Estoy muy orgulloso, este es el primer curso de técnica vocal en línea en Brasil, proporcionándoles las herramientas y los principios básicos asociados con los recursos adicionales y suplemento de hacer que las palabras y la música.

O el curso está dividido en tres módulos:

Módulo 1 el objeto de la más básica y fundamental. Hay 8 ejercicios vocales descargar mp3, rango vocal (barítono, tenor, alto y soprano).
Módulo 2 se ocupa de los problemas de los niveles intermedio y avanzado. Hay 8 ejercicios vocales descargar mp3 de la grabación de la voz.
Módulo 3 temas avanzados, y las olas son esenciales para los materiales estudiados en los módulos anteriores. Hay 5 ejercicios vocales descargar mp3 de cada elemento.
O el tiempo total para hacer un curso de 3 horas y 20 minutos, o el acceso es de por vida. Si usted no está satisfecho con su compra dentro de los 30 días, usted recibirá su dinero en el tiempo, sin ninguna discusión. La ue puedo ir con usted a muchos lugares, entre ellos en el aula y estará encantado de responder a cualquier pregunta.Este libro es una síntesis de la experiencia de los autores en el campo de la voz y la interpretación vocal, la educación y la reforma.
Proponemos un nuevo método para aprender a cantar, que no sólo desarrollar la voz a su máximo potencial, logrando así el ideal del estado de emisión, sino que también proporciona apoyo a otras áreas del ser humano.
Según el comandante, Oscar Ruiz: el método es innovador, sistemática y organizada, que muestra cómo se debe trabajar a partir de la necesidad de cualquier cantante, o un estudiante.

El contenido se centra en el contenido, tales como: el violín de voz / objetivos de la técnica / protocolo para la Evaluación funcional de la voz y cantar / Preguntas y respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes, en el momento de cantar / Programa de capacitación / Guía para el cuidado de la voz y el uso del micrófono, a cantar para los niños / Entrevista con Luciano Cossotto, entre otros. El método que he desarrollado en mi enseñanza basado en las normas técnicas de los románticos de la escuela en italiano y en otras series de la experiencia adquirida durante muchos años de intensa actividad de investigación. La experiencia le permite adaptarse a las necesidades de los estudiantes, él pidió mi ayuda, ya que, en el momento de la inscripción, la naturaleza, la naturaleza de las dificultades que varía mucho de un modelo a otro, y a veces muy sencillos y otros son difíciles de resolver.

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New models, more tools in the past, offers a versatile format that makes it possible for the company, its projects, with the simplicity and the ease to fill in a form. The new models are, well beyond the limits of the models of the past and shows its superiority over the many, with the help of a professional. The construction of the plan-model of security that you can enjoy all the benefits of professional help is easy, have their own standards. In a corporate environment, the problem is strongly related to the society for their high efficiency. Reduce In the areas of construction of the effectiveness of aid in support of the company in relation to commitments, projects, and costs, in order to achieve the objectives of the review. If you have the option of easily, not only the effectiveness of a plan in order to avoid the danger of a generation, but also the opportunity to save money, you can maximize your chances of negócios.De work on the back for the hard work and the employees are constantly exposed to hazards in the workplace. Accident, due to downtime and the loss of life. The employees of this industry are generally those who do not have formal education. Despite the danger, without leaving the choice, but he is interrupted, rather than be unemployed. The construction safety plan is one of the above requirements for the job and the company. Some companies ignore the importance of the problem, while the other is rarely applied in practice. Others argue that the lack of capacity and skills to design a security plan for your needs. For you, it is a little complicated and expensive, it is a part of the documentation. But, you’re willing to risk the lives of their employees? The management of the company is not only the bottom line. Remember that it is the same people who are responsible for the implementation of the contract. Your team is, how it is necessary for the protection against accidents in the workplace. It is your responsibility to ensure that the security of their willingness to stay up to date on how to prevent accidents and make them understand the importance of a safety plan in the planning phase. Safety in the design of the business plan, the models in the search engines and these days, with the help of. Some of them are even free. The model is a tool that helps you, good construction safety plan.

Producers Gone Wild – Best of Barrels Only

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The first way: this is the classic I want to be a producer of hiphop, and beats for the rapper, who is the best in the world! or, better yet, I want to be one of the best Rapper in the world! Well, this line of reasoning is in order, because you have this dream, but there are people who think they can buy their dreams. That is to pass if you have a lot of money, so I am a professional. The beat of a naive outlook on the hiphop and, quite frankly, is not realistic.

I fell in love with this thing and spent a lot of money (over 2k) to find out what I need to spend a lot of money to have a good hiphop beat. The Reason For This? There are many hip hop beat makers that wont break the bank, or, better still, without the long learning curve and although I can mix pretty well now, I think it was wise of me to start with a software program (ProTools), if I knew what I was doing. The first type, to do the work, if you have a certain talent, but it is a difficult journey, if you are a beginner, because most of the plugins are useless, especially when you start.

The second way: This way, the other side of hiphopbeat. If youre all about the texts, in other words, they are more of a rapper or lyricist then a producer, then why is it that you do not take the first, there are some examples? There is a super cheap ($30) software programs that can make a huge catalog of these examples, the texts directly above them. They are called royaltyfree, beats and is worth the detour. This can save you tons of time, you do not need to mix, the sounds are already premixed to perfection), and enter the time of your passion, must be made in writing and, in this case, great words.

The third way: is the way we like it, because it is not expensive (about 30 euros), and write their own rhythms, in a sense, easytouse interface with 16tracks, a piano key and battery from the machine. The Beats are easy to make with a marker that goes through the steps, so that you can get the sneer, cymbals, bassdrums, basslines, piano parts and keyboards in just a few minutes. Then, you can export the sounds to mp3 and run the lyrics of the song with a simple recording software.

This third way makes the most sense, especially when you are a beginner, and some hiphop beat makers actually help to mix the music with tips and Tricks and video lessons. Buy it if you think that the model is a bit too easy and boring, and Ive spent a few thousand dollars, it is a little unrealistic, and then the third mode is the best and most important musical instrument for the speed hiphop, and you can pass the see the world of music.

Abstract Arts & Abstract Paintings – A Panoramic Vista Cultivated With Mystery, Thrived on Veracity

A Walk Into Abstracts package


I replied, no problem, if you ask me for myself, but for my 3 simple as you have, if you fix your attention on the other side. He felt relieved, and quickly placed a part of his. The green light, we went to live, and wrapped in a perfectly smooth and successful interview. Outside the room, the team is back on the scene with big smiles, and acknowledged both of us, but praised the interviewer, for an incredible as a connoisseur of art!


The aesthetic, as a set of principles and branch of philosophy that deals with questions of beauty and sometimes art. In general terms, comes as a surprise that the topic is very unclear area, are being subjected to huge exposure, in particular in the field of abstract art. In every area of the human sciences, what is less necessary to be known in the area and its principles are not precisely formulated, the more authoritative, the area becomes. In the field of art, and not only that, with the severity of the basis for the development of techniques and methods that are open for artists to imagine, explore and create their art.

The artist, in addition, provided that the laws of commerce, where various schools of divergent opinions begin to teach is the artist come and be the unartist and paint a certain way, with reference to the field of criticism in abundance, to eat and to listen with the jaw in place for a reason. The authorities in the field of the visual arts, most of them never frames to paint themselves, but are very fluid and cultured by having memorized a few standard opinions and works of art, and projects of humanitarian nature, analyze the paintings for the artist every step of the way, every time the artist presented as an example of his art and criticism, in particular, to understand what is wrong with your aimtheart, and how it should be organized according to the teacher of brand unique.

I must admit that it is a bit of a generalization here to make the point, but it is the sound of the bell in the right hand??? You can think of an artist who knows who he is, was he on a boat? I have lived and survived in the midst of all this, the confidence, and I think that the logical and most conducive to the free way to the imagination of the dolls, the artist can paint freely. Something in me, I said that c was something fundamentally wrong with the constructive criticism that I was to teach this way of looking at our world of art, through the eyes of the critical I, the lord. I have blocked out the school of ideas as an authority in the method of teaching, as well as the feelings, the different accompaniment of the melody, the actions of the artist, which is not, but can transfer the problems that I faced at this point in time. The Ip I found out that the mechanism for the control of thoughts and feelings through to learn, was just one of the factors that, in our society, which is essentially the result of the abolition of the arts that stifles the creative impulses of the artists of the expenses of any culture.

Artists are often accused of having your head in the clouds, and living in a fantasy world. This gives the need to make a good and complete picture of reality bites. Blueberry by different parts of the study, in search of a tool to measure the aesthetics and the creation processes can leave you with empty hands, until the residues found in philosophy to check out our different accompaniment melody and thought.


Blues Chord Progression Guitar Theory

Blues Bass For Guitar Players (8 Blues Bass Riffs Bonus)


Also known under the name of the Original Blues, acoustic instruments and in the execution of the blues, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and mose Allison. Has a strong focus on rhythm and bottleneck of the film. Hey, Robert Johnson Cross Road Blues. The Blues of the Delta, as a general rule, only the player and his guitar.

Blues Chicago
It is a form of blues that developed in the city of Chicago, Illinois, in the first half of the twentieth century, due to the migration to the South, to the black workers. Has its roots in the Blues of the Delta of the instrument, the guitar and the harmonica. An important difference between the Delta Blues of Chicago, is the use of amplifiers, microphones, batteries, low and other wind instruments, trumpets, trombones, saxophones. The extension of six touchscalethe scale of blues in a jazzymain and dominant 9. The best artists of Blues in Chicago, contains: Bo words, letters, music, play, Magic Sam, Howlin Wolf, and Marty Sammon. Hey, friend, guys, it was the First Time I met the Blues is a Blues of Chicago.

Texas Blues
He is more optimistic that the balance between the sexes, in comparison with other blues. A tool typical of Texas blues: guitar, drums, piano and double bass. Much depends on the type of projectiles, and films. It all began in the year 1900, between the workers of the oil fields, and country seats. The pioneers of the genre, Lemon Jefferson, TBone Walker and Big Mama Thornton are Blind. Between the late 60s and early 70s, it was popular. Stevie Ray Vaughan is a symbol of the modernity of the Texas Blues.

More news blueslow is a type that can. It is a mix of blues, rock n roll. It is characterized by a distortion of the guitar, developed in the 1960s in the United Kingdom and the united States of america, popular bands such as the Rolling Stones, the animals, and the credibility of the Clearwater Revival. In ten years, since 1970, there has been a change in Their style of music at the age of 12bar blues, hardrock riffs, and the number of apartments. The best point of comparison is the bridge to the blues. Listen to Eric Clapton on the guitar licks, while he was still in creamsSunshine of your Love.Country, the Blues, the music, and in the rural areas. The music began to play guitar, if some people have this music to a new level, it is not necessarily good or bad, just different. Groups and musicians such as the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and many other rock bands of the past and present, gave a new and better perspective for the country, Blues, would be likely to encourage the artists. Thank you very much to all of you, with the songs, the use of the past, have contributed to the library of Congress, how can the world. Read more about how music, through the search of Alan and John Lomax.

Music style country Blues is played with the thumb on the bass strings. The thumb is at the moment and the rhythm of the strings, while the first and second fingers, to the interpretation of the song. Some of the Old masters of the Blues, with the index of the melody, such as the Reverend Gary Davis. The finger is used to pull the rope on the right side of the page, if its with the right hand on the back, if you. The strike is, as a general rule, one or two tasks with the thumb, and the melody and any kind of music, which can develop. This is the CountryBluesStyle Tap technique.

REVEALED: Underground Mind Reading Secret

The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading


You should always make sure that you have a guide, something like: take your time think of what you want to say, to make the effect stronger and more credible. Take your time to ensure that the method of the lower part of a tshirt that includes the disorientation that serves to liberate, and to ensure that everything goes well and suits the person and that requires specific skills.

In the second place, after the time to learn the trick on the fly. This is not a quick round of paper, or the visual magic that are a dime a dozen these days, and to take the viewers to the annoying geek when youre bored. Is the suspense building, inspiring, full of emotions, the mind reading and mentalism. f. f. f. This means that many more people, and this must be done with care, to create suspense, and to plant a seed in the minds of the viewers.The basis of mind reading and mentalism f f f gives the impression that the mind of the reader or mentalist has special powers. Both the psychic abilities, the incredible influence psychological, or any number of weird and wonderful things.

The psychology of personality, many tricks include the illusion that the mentalist is the influence that volunteerism is an option. Note that I said Illusion. But I have always tried to push the boundaries of what is actually possible, and this is not a method that I have found, without doubt, is the most close to the margin, as you can get.

Ive heard that you can use subliminal suggestion to influence the viewers decision when you have a wide range of options.

The Confusion? Dont worry, the easiest way to explain this would be to ask someone to choose a number between one and five years, you want to select. What you need to do is when you call the number of options from which to choose, for example, a number of one, two, three, four, or five

With the help of a little special, tirck, so that you can have most of the time, not the number that you want.. but how?

It is very simple, it is, in fact, a slight movement of the head, which is the number that you want to choose. If you want to try, it will take a bit of practice to do it without being obvious. Its a small gesture that the public is always unconsciously enjoy your trip.

For example, if you want to influence the volunteer to choose the number 4, said that the volunteer Choose a number between one, two, three, four (with the head, as you say), or five, choose the one that feels and dont change your mind.

I have tried 2 methods, one of them is to start the process again, with the same gesture of the head, but do this only once, and those who are likely to respond. It seemed to Me that once, and it is necessary to choose a number quickly worked a little better, I think it is because the subconscious mind is more likely to kick when you dont have a lot of time to think and the opportunity to change your mind.

How to improve your photography in a few simple steps

Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials


And Image Editing Software Guide, also known under the name of the fire, and photos, if you are with your left hand and the camera, even for FREE, save an extra $11.

In this package you will find everything you need, from the first on
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Camera in hand, 12 surefire way to the Best photos (with a value of$ 17 for the day today), in order to ensure that the photos, they are works of art and photography.

If the photo, with the knowledge of how to bring them back to life with the image Editing Software Guide (value$ 11, FREE for today)

So, you have everything you need for your photos, they are really great. Photos, amaze your family and friends. It is without doubt the largest collection of photo guides.

To show how the camera, the photos are breathtaking, wow! The people all the time.

And dont forget, it is completely riskfree, there are a total of 60 days warranty.

This guide will show you how to run properly with the camera, and this makes a huge difference to your enjoyment of photography.

It is a great satisfaction to know that when you press the shutter button, still a beautiful photo.

And it is so easy to access to all the image enhancement.

For only$ 19, you downloadPackwell, all of the instructions and a Bonus. Tired of your old film camera and craving for something new? Digital photography is a relatively new genre of photography, gradually, as he claimed that in the previous version, the cinema, the photo, in the dark. There are advantages of digital cameras over analog cameras. Well, its the lcd monitor is in postprocessing, the image quality is not very energetic, it is of high resolution, and much more!

Thus, at the time, it must be built. But, which digital camera Is best for you? And, as in the case of the preparation? Well, the good thing is to buy digital photos of the magazine.

belly dancing course review

Belly Dancing Historically

There are several theories about the origins of belly dancing or “Eastern dance” due to the many similar types of dance in ancient cultures throughout the Mediterranean, India, North Africa, and the Middle East.

It is thought that belly dancing has evolved from folk or tribal dances that communities would enjoy at celebrations such as weddings. Belly dancing is still often performed at weddings to add to the joyful atmosphere, and as a fertility dance to bring good luck to the bride and groom.

belly dancing classes

Product Name: Belly Dancing Course – BELLYCLASS
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Some of the dancing movements are also used in several countries to strengthen the abdomen and hips of women in preparation for child birth.

During the 18th – 19th century the Western world became aware of harems and Eastern Dancing in the Ottoman Empire, and eventually the dancers were to travel the world and perform at world fairs.

The art of belly dancing gained national attention in America at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago where authentic dancers from several Middle Eastern and North African countries performed. Among the dancers was Farida Mazar Spyropoulos, thought to be the original “Little Egypt”, a nickname given to her that was to become synonymous with the introduction of “dance du ventre” (belly dance) to America.

It was here that the term “belly dancing” was first introduced, and Americans became fascinated by the exotic dancing and music including the art in silent movies a few years later. The dance was becoming a world wide phenomena which in fact was considered shocking by many countries in the West. During this period, in the UK the Victorians frowned upon a lady for showing her ankle never mind her belly!

Immigration from the Middle East to New York in the 1930′s meant that dancers started to perform in nightclubs and restaurants, and by the end of the 1950′s Eastern dancing clubs were widespread within the US. In the 1960′s belly dancing was noticeable and acceptable in the UK mainly due to it’s appearance in movies. Although traditional Egyptian and Turkish belly dancing is still prominent in the US, in the 1980′s a uniquely American style, American Tribal Style Belly Dance (ATS), was developed. A modern style intermingled with ancient dance techniques, it is performed in groups (tribes) and well received at festivals and social gatherings.

belly dancing course review

In 2003 The Belly Dance Superstars and The Desert Roses was put together by music mogul Miles Copeland as a touring act featuring many top Eastern dancing performers, including Jillina, Rania, Sonia, Ansuya, Amara Gamal, Rachel Brice, and Tamalyn Dallal. They performed hundreds of shows in many countries popularizing belly dancing around the world.

Belly dancing has more recently enjoyed further popularity, with Latin American superstar Shakira’s 2006  hit song “The Hips Don’t Lie” reaching the no.1 spot in an amazing 55 different countries.

The wonderful, sensual art of belly dancing is now becoming more accessible and popular than ever, and is now practised by many people as a profession, for fun, and successfully as a healthy exercise routine … hey, the hips don’t lie!