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Throat surgery (tonsillectomy) is recommended, but when I saw, I found three main reasons to avoid at all costs …Top 3 performs surgical procedures to avoid.Reason 1: It’s too expensive!.get almonds money can be very expensive. The specialist said that the neck that cost me nearly $ 3500, but there was no guarantee it would work! There was no way that they can pay or accept the risk. And even if I could say, I need at least two weeks to recover, which cost me more money.Throat A friend who his tonsils had warned me that the surgery was very painful, and she suffered after severe bleeding. He was trapped for 8 days in bed and could hardly speak for about 2 weeks. He also said that, since he had his tonsils, because it has become more susceptible to disease, which leads me to my next point …the patient’s tonsils are the first line of defense against diseases of the immune system. Essentially, they act as a filter to collect the bacteria that would otherwise penetrate into the respiratory tract and the cause of the infection. They will also produce antibodies to fight off infections. This should be the last resort, to eliminate them, because they are part of the immune system.”So how can I remove my tonsils sustainable?Well, surgery is not an option, but I will not try to stop the decision …I have almost all the sites on this subject are visited, and bought all the books I had to buy.In fact I was so determined to find a solution that I was my own lab rat amygdala, the treatment of various types – often with painful consequences!”After nearly six years, I have managed to find a solution to my Nightmare glands.I have my tonsil stones eliminate a very effective treatment for completely always found and is a 100% guarantee of safety and of course!A few minutes later my tonsil stones were like – and most importantly, they did not return.And because all of my earlier, such as bad breath, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, a metallic taste in the mouth problems and pain in the ears is a thing of the past!Whatever happens, you realize that you have tonsil stones, there is virtually no more unpleasant, annoying and frustrating experience, and have come to the right to get rid of tonsil stones instead. The worst thing is that when you are trying to get rid of ugly stones, but it seems that just returned from consideration. There must be a solution that does not exist?Despite the fact that the human body has many features that have been carefully for us. In our environment, since the response to adrenaline and an opposable to help you succeed thumb, the strange tonsils underperformance of its work on the fact, studies show that people who are more susceptible to the virus in their tonsils or transfer of bacterial infection compared with those who did not.It is believed that the tonsils are part of the immune system, which helps keep your target bacteria in the body to help protect against the disease. Oh, almonds, in fact, act as a network, which is the only part of the job, you get to do so many people who are desperate to get rid of tonsil stones to reach without drowning.The stones are remains that attack bacteria and white blood cells in the pockets of the tonsils and yeast harvest. To see and feel that tonsil stones seem small white or yellow nodules ranging from the hard disk with a soft structure and chopped.If symptoms are bothersome, or light, many people have tonsils state remains totally unconscious. Often, even large stones go unnoticed recognized as CT or MRI. However, there are warning signs to look for. Here are six of them ..has bad breath, it may be more confusion and disorder, but the sign of a deeper problem. There are many situations where bad breath is a sign, and chronic, such as tonsillitis tonsil stones are designated, one of them will. It is really surprising that the odors and bacteria secrete a purulent old pieces of food?Although it is difficult to know if the sore throat because of the tonsils, or for other reasons, for example, nasopharyngitis, who was one of the stones in the throat tissue can cause pain and discomfort. It is likely that if the sore throat is a symptom of the famous, the kidneys can not be accurately measured without the help of a doctor.For people with chronic tonsillitis, but do not know what the situation is, the appearance of this malodorous small white pieces can be a mystery. All tonsil stones remain lodged in the tonsils. You can cancel and put in your mouth, keep a couple of times in the tissues of the throat and jaw. see, in fact, production conditions easier for someone to testify to diagnose without medical aid outside stone.Tonsil stones can be very large, creating a blockage, which can be painful, but it is difficult to melt. The difficulty may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms.Ear pain can be a sign of problems in the eardrum, middle ear infections, allergies and more, but can also be a sign of chronic tonsillitis, the total distance between the ear and the nerve in the neck. In fact, in September Tonsilloliths tenacious inflamed ears hidden pain, they do not know, right on the cliff.tonsil rock size can swell and cause inflammation of the kidneys and can cause swollen glands.Tonsil stones are more common than it seems. Often, in fact, in order to avoid a situation that may seem almost impossible.All the experts are right. tonsil stones caused by the mixture of food debris and bacteria or viruses, so a good way to prevent this is to be the only good oral not disappear with the passage of time, in many cases, the symptoms of tonsil stones. The same applies to the few cases it takes only a few symptoms, but the disease, embarrassing bad breath, and repeat rough stones in their mouths a permanent solution for quick action.To resolve this problem, Allen Thompson simple offer a complete called “products fast cure tonsil stones” which provides an effective solution for tonsil stones without surgery in just 3 days to improve or not, so you can make anxiety and shame and overcome bad mouth painAllen Thompson, creator of tonsil stones to heal understand that you may be suffering from tonsil be very annoying and painful. It was his experience made him determined to find an effective solution to quickly and painlessly, and it worked.