No Cost Income Stream – A Perfect Starting Package?

In this post I intend to take a look at the credentials of the authors of The No Cost Income Stream and Real Coaching Club because I take the view that if they don’t have a solid trustworthy background then we are probably watching an actor in a hired super car and we have all seen enough of that type of scam.

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Product Name: No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Package-REALGUYS
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

The authors are Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman who collectively refer to themselves as The Real Guys. I don’t know about you but when I’m watching promotional videos I look at the backgrounds to the carefully filmed scenes. No matter how tidy a house is there is always a difference between a stage set and a lived in house. If the video shows someone talking in a sterile lounge or kitchen then I assume it is an actor in a hired set.

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These guys don’t go down that root. Their profiles are illustrated with photographs of their families and ordinary activities that anyone might enjoy such as attending sports events or having a cook out.

I spent quite a while on the Internet researching these three men and would share my findings below. In summary though, all three have a solid background in online marketing and home business development. They are coaches and teachers who are experienced in the mechanics of the online business world specialising in such areas as SEO and traffic generation to mention just two.

Eric Holmlund: He has been involved in online marketing since 1999 and has an extensive and solid background. He defines himself with reference to his family, his faith and his art with his online business activities being what he does not who he is.
Having looked at the No cost Income Stream system and I am persuaded that he has attempted to put together a package that will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.


Paul Counts: He is also a man who puts his family first and having been successful in his Internet business activities spends a lot of his time travelling round the States in a recreational vehicle. He even takes his cat with him! He has an impressive business background that checks out across sites like Linked In.

He is an expert in obtaining free targeted marketing. A skill that is covered fully in this package and in my opinion makes purchasing this system a good idea since no traffic equals no business.

John Wellman: He was harder to research as he in more self-effacing than his partners. He has been involved in Internet business since 2007. He is another successful online entrepreneur who has done well enough to live a flexible life style where he can focus on the elements of his life that matter to him.

He teaches people how to earn enough to ‘lay off their boss’!

Summary: When writing a review I like being able to point to inconsistencies and being able to allow my natural scepticism to have free reign. These three men, however, come across as genuine as their backgrounds are consistent. The three of them are teachers and coaches who seem to be dedicated to helping other people obtain a level of success in their own businesses.

They are honest about making money from you but the interesting point is that the No Cost Income Stream does not have multiple up sales at the end of the sales pitch. Don’t you hate buying a product and then having to endure another half hour or so of increasingly expensive up sale pitches before you get access to your purchase? There is one optional extra to this package but that is what it is, optional, and if you don’t want it there’s nothing else.

No Cost Income Stream

I have decided to review the No Cost Income Stream and The Real Coaching Club as a starting package for someone who wants to get involved with home based business and internet marketing.

This particular package has been chosen because it promises to show its users how to make a sucessful start in obtaining a home based income without having to spend lots of money buying a list, signing up to a pay per click campaign of even having to buy your own domain or incur any other web hosting costs.

Product Name: No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Package

At first sight the package seems to be up to date as one of its components covers Pintrest as well as other social media sites. This package is not limited to to this area of business as 13 out of over 29 video lessons detail methods for generating no cost traffic.

On initial inspection the package contains a lot of value for your money, if I have one initial complaint it is that the package takes a long time to download and it would be good if the package came with a warning. That said, this is obviously no ‘magical turnkey system’ or ‘network marketing scheme’. The authors have taken a lot of time to put this package together and it seems to contain quite a lot of real gold.

Most of the add ons (and you get plenty of thesae without having to buy any up sales) come with transcripts of the videos. Unfortunatly these do not seem to be available on the main course but this is very much a personal complaint as I prefer to read rather than to watch. It is however only a minor point.

I will be adding other posts as I go through the system but at first sight it looks as if you are getting value for money and I can say that you could generate a sustainable income stream without having to pay for any advertising.

2017 Salehoo Reviews

Are you interested in starting an online business and joining the thousands of people making money online working from anywhere in the world enjoying the freedom that having on online business can afford you. Well you may have heard of Salehoo and wondering exactly what it provides.

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Product Name: Salehoo Wholesale-salehoo
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

It is not just a prescreened wholesale directory but a complete resource on how to become a successful seller online. From where to start to easy tools to have an online store up and running quickly headache free.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Salehoo:

  • a directory of over 8000 pre-screened suppliers and over 1.5 million products to sell
  • Seller resources to help you achieve success
  • Guide to selling on ebay
  • guide to importing and shipping
  • dropshipping
  • how to source products
  • how to set up your business
  • how to set up your own online store and drive buyers to your site
  • access to the salehoo community of over 100,000 retailers for support and inspiration

The Salehoo community has been around since 2005 and helped over 100,000 retailers find and sell products online. Their longevity and popularity with so many retailers affirms the quality of their service.

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Salehoo is a great place to start if you are thinking about starging an online business.

SaleHoo isn’t a dropshipper itself, but its a community organized for the purpose of listing and creating a directory of proven dropshippers.  Our SaleHoo reviews are going to give you a deeper look into SaleHoo and what we discovered when we gave it a test run.

We were tired of getting the run-around from so-called wholesale dropshippers and other distributors and we came across an article for SaleHoo.  Risk Free? Why not… So we registered and went on inside the website.

We were shocked to find over 4,000 dropshippers and distributors suddenly at our fingertips.  Not just 4,000 random companies that claim to be wholesale dropshippers or distributors, but proven companies that have a great reputation.  To date, there are now over 8,000 verified and legit companies in the SaleHoo database! SaleHoo actually screens and reviews these companies and any companies reported or found to be dishonest are removed immediately.

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Product Name: Salehoo Wholesale

If there is one thing to take away from this SaleHoo review it is this… You absolutely cannot afford to “try out” dropshippers because if you get scammed, you lose your money.  It’s that simple.  Luckily, SaleHoo does the work for you… much less worry about being ripped off or scammed.  This was our concern when we first got involved with whole dropshippers and we were scammed a couple times.  This lead us to finding SaleHoo, and it was a business savior.

As an Ebay powerseller (over 25,000 score) I have had my share of success and failure.  SaleHoo was my success.  I actually retired from ebay selling as of last year, so I am not worried about letting my “salehoo secret” out now.  I think that I owe them this review because of all the money they have helped me make with the great tools and database they provide.  I’ll go more in depth later in the conclusion to my SaleHoo reviews.

Listing Eagle – Eaglet

Visit Website Listing Eagle

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It is important to note shall Amazon:Property and detailed picture Restrictions: When the detail page is created, it becomes a permanent e-commerce site Amazon. com that will remain even if the inventory sells Creator.exclusive or selective distribution: Amazon respects the rights of producers to enter into an exclusive distribution of its products. However, infringement of intellectual property agreement is not violated. Since the implementation of these agreements is a matter between manufacturers and distributors it would not be appropriate for Amazon to assist in the application.Q2. What is the role of Amazon sellers to protect their brands?A. Amazon interest to maintain confidence in its suppliers. If Amazon known as a place full of counterfeiting and forgery place place – people go there. If people stop going there, it’s bad for business. It offers opportunities for traders and consumers offenses to keep it clean market (as seen in the content directly from Amazon below).crime report (Amazonas): If you believe the seller is offering nothing to report, please contact the Seller Performance team [Amazon]. All reports of a possible violation of the Amazon. Principles of Community COM and / or participation agreement depends on the performance of the provider. you must submit a report on the performance of suppliers of equipment and supplies for the control ID number must purchase confirm their request that the provider does not offer the product (s) in the list.Q3. Amazon takes responsibility when a third party vendor selling counterfeit products?A. No, Amazon is not responsible for other vendors sell counterfeit goods. Not to mock him and did not care. As mentioned above, they do not want Amazon to become the center of counterfeit products or false, because they know that people stop buying it.strategy to combat counterfeiting Amazon customer confidence that you can always buy with confidence at Amazon. com. The products offered for sale on Amazon. com faith. Sales of counterfeit goods, including those who are illegally copied or replicated product is strictly prohibited.Q4. How do I get Amazon to respond to these violations?A. To facilitate the search, make sure you include the following information in the complaint, as appropriate:
Salt / ISBN of the information page of the article and the title product.Q5. As for the bargain price if other vendors to contact our actions and decide to sell their shop – and can register their products as a condition of (brands) – for less than the selling price?A ‘state’ only if the product is used by customers. If you think the image distributor (distributor buys manufacturers and sell) the product is not used, it is still new. If you are not a trader – but still a legitimate product, is not always something that Amazon actively police. (See Part 3: Part of this map).Q6. If you have a product that is ‘single use’, this is a way to limit registration of used / refurbished?A. No, but the offer not used / refurbished not involved in the case of new ‘conditions of the invitation to tender for the purchase.
Q7. How limitation is activated to block unauthorized access to a list of products from suppliers access?A. This is a good question – but really is not, could not. Amazon expects sales many providers in the market that can – as long as they follow the direction of the Amazon. Most sellers – more competitive overall. More competition means better prices and better price usually means better shopping experience – leading to more customers back on the market.Part 2: distributors of counterfeit products and unauthorized.Q8. How Independent distributors of the brand manufacturers asking them to take their offer?A. Go product information. See the section on ‘ships and sold. ‘You will find the name of the seller. Clicking on the name of the seller, you will see the ‘Vendor Information (see below). You can ask a direct question (located in the right corner) and send messages.