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iOS9 is released, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, in June 2015. Apple is one of the three main operating systems, which is currently in charge of the market, the smartphone and the continuity of the exponential growth of speed. As the successor to iOS8, the new version with significant improvements over its predecessor. For the occasion, the company focuses less on the functionality and benefits of technology in the area of the cover and the battery. A number of improvements for the two scroll finger, there is the option of your choice on the keyboard instead of the app-the Kiosk is a new requirement of information, of the notes, to offer more options for mounting, with the support of the oncoming traffic on the map, the different properties of the multi-tasking, a more active participation of the Syrians, 3D-Touch integration (Peek and Pop, options Quickly), and also a significant improvement on the battery life. A new type of development of the application has also been introduced, with the release of the Swift 2, the successor to the programming language Swift. Apple’s Swift language, it is important that you read the Updates in the use of objective-C, and also makes programming for iOS is easier, because of the content, concise and interactive in nature. The Swift 2 is still faster than the compiler, and the new fix-it recommendations, and the mark-down syntax for the learning of the language easier. In today’s world of technology, applications, a little recovery from all over the world and an important aspect of any place in the world today. If you are a developer of iOS and learn iOS app, there are many online resources to learn the help you to create applications for iOS. In this article, the following is a list of 6 different types of resources, not only in the program, but they are also very on the bag. 1. In the Apple documentation for The best way to learn a new programming language, and on the screen for the official documentation of the company. Apple released full documentation devoted to fasting and their functions. It is not necessary to create a developer account in order to access documents, or you can download Xcode in the Mac App. The documentation to Swift the story of taylor, as you begin to learn Quickly and also provides code examples and reference material that will help you to learn, rush, rush. It is also the best way to update and make changes to the code, and the new features introduced. 2. AppCoda programs for iOS-AppCoda is a website that deals with the free programs iOS tutorial for all those who want to learn. If this were not enough, published a book about programming in iOS, it breaks with the concepts, the people who prefer to read, work with text documents or if you need more features. The website is very well organized and it breaks the step-by-step-beginner -, intermediate -, and other values, enable the courses for your level of ability. 3. O’reilly iOS 9 basics of the program in a hurry, to those of you who, like me, like with everything you need in one place, this is a great resource. Then you could make a small hole in the bank, absolutely worth the price. O’reilly iOS9 basics of programming with Swift, the perfect book that has everything you need to learn, and not only Quickly, but also Xcode and the basics of cocoa. All-in-one resource, they are always ready when you need it. 4. Swift podcast, If you want to know what type of person best is,” all right, then, the data from several developers can in the hand. You do not need books and step-by-step, step-by-step, you will learn everything you need to know, hear, with great spirit. There is no barrier to the experience, for beginners and advanced users, the advantages of this situation. If the material does not tickle the podcast of his own imagination, do not worry, there are a lot of different podcasts with Swift for iOS and programming languages, and it is only a Google search away. 5. HACKING WITH SWIFT step-by-step, Free Hacking with Swift is the page with the tutorials, which can be easily discovered with the fast, if you have decided to in the car. The website was written by Paul Hudson, has many applications for the major brands such as Fender, madonna, Jamie Oliver, Odeon, Tesco, etc, the website offers the user the freedom to start where you feel comfortable, this is easier even for advanced users. In addition to the theory, the exercises 10 set -, project -, and 10-engineers on the project, a total of 30 projects in stage 1: 10 project. Hudson is always so good for other projects, so that you can learn and grow.Programming languages, such as JAVA, BASIC, Pascal, has the General function of the language, which means that you can use it to write, a flight simulator, an accounting program, a voice, program id, or the text processing. created One of the most popular applications for computers, however, store and retrieve information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, records from the prison, credit history, and the experience of the work. On the computer to store the data in a database. Almost all the companies in the database to store information about your customers, inventory, employees, and, for example, used by almost every company, a database program depends on it. Unfortunately, most people do not want to know the strange and often orders a strange, save your data, or print the information in the database.