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I was Wrong, and replaced the Cable and it works perfectly with the code and with the same Voltage, endtoend!!!!! Im going to honda in the next Week or so, and the Offender, in order to avoid more Damage, on the other Hand.

Thanks for the help… eMail, as well as a sketch of the Figure, which helped me very much!

David W., atlanta, Georgia, united states, 1999 Chevrolet Astro.

This baby sings like only he can for you!!!!!

no more low rpm boog!
Change the current Pace, the Media!
14 mpg instead of 8mpg!

Im happy. I sat in a very different Way from the Way in which they are made
another Way of Thinking. and I thank You . Sometimes, Attack,but,
and we need to take a Step back and take a different Approach.
once again, thank you very much.

Allan I. 1994 Jeep Wrangler
ATS works, and I have the Money zusammengespart,…

Hi Rich,

I have the Candles and the Error is the Way to go! The old spark Plugs look good. The engine was running rough, like my corvette, that is, if a plugin FuelandError. I changed $ 300, to the control Unit to the Valves, but Their advice has saved me Money, more than r $ 200.

What I want for me, but the Council, which is faster for me.
We recommend, ATS, Coworkers, Students, and Technicians, with what is, as an Alternative to the Brain in Moments of Despair! The instructions are very practical and easy to use that even the most simple to understand.

Thank you again,

Fred S., new york, united States of America

ASE certified master tech A18, L1 advanced level for 25 Years and garagenbesitzer.

Fred makes a Reference to an innovator 2002 4.2 L Engine P0300 P0301 and the Error code.
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