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Another interesting project is the case, select a number (e.g. 8) or a color (red for example). Walking through the city for a day, just drag and drop this theme. To sharpen, you will be surprised by the concentration of the stock exchange, your powers of observation. 5. They do not come in a picture of the competition and success at the local, national, or even international competition, just a huge trust and a good reputation, you can at amazing prices. The competition, the number of turns for the promotion of local Events (for example, A&P shows or radio stations), non-profit organizations (I think, at the maison des associations and magazines, which, if it is not treated, on an annual basis. This is a great opportunity to develop their work to a wider Audience, and your skills. In the prestigious competition of costs, in particular, the Professional organizations, where winners are highly recognized. 6. The publication of articles, If you think about it, like in the picture, in a narrow niche (e.g., animals, garden, fashion, kids, Sport), and I saw that the images in an edit control, why not send a sample of your favorite CD release? Publishers are always looking for a new way old problems. And then followed up with a phone call, or even better, a personal visit. If you are competent, the author, or, better yet, in the Form in which they were paid, the quality is more than just a handful of photos. But be careful: the person you know the answer, if you need to be persistent. Do not give in. 7. As the post-processing of images, it is often the photos that any amateur photo: take a few minutes in Photoshop, a few basic things. Such things as color correction, sharpening, exposure, and curves are easily possible. Therefore, the creation of a mad horizon, or the culture is the image, in a pleasant atmosphere. Photoshop elements or Lightroom are very popular with fans, that are less expensive, stripped-down version of Adobe’s flagship software. Beginners Faststone Image Viewer is able to find a program that is simple, but powerful, and best of all is the fact that it is free. 8. Press several times beautiful images with ease. Tenacity pays, and sometimes it is the only thing that remains, you get more space, light. Or the bed can be raised, in connection with the registration of this beautiful sunrise. Go the extra mile this year. He is not happy with the second best, even if it means, that in peace missions, when the family is sleeping or watching TV. The sacrifice is worth it. 9. Is it possible to make money from your hobby, there are many ways to make money with photography, it depends on the expertise, personality and passion. While the landscape of the market, the calendar and the greeting is saturated with cards, there is still room for a selection of images, especially images of people.