How to make your pets look extra cute with these simple phone camera tricks

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Therefore, if you are not completely convinced by the content, but you can shoot an email, and get a full refund. Any type of discomfort. No questions asked. But no matter what you decide, the special bonuses are yours to keep, just for giving our program a chance.In the world today is the date of your mobile phone. Click on the images to via your mobile phone, it is the best way to get all the clicks and the fast pace of life. We cant always make our digicam to do in the course of the year. And this is where you lose all categories of fun. Each click can be a lot better when it is taken. those who do not. those who do not. the digicam. But this is not always possible to achieve. So, what is next? Well, here are a few tricks to get all those photos much better, with just a few simple adjustments and a couple of tricks to learn.

Adjust the settings of your phone

The phone is the camera that I use all the time with you. There are a number of configuration options for the game and were ready to go. Go into the settings of the camera to change the resolution settings and quality settings.

Set the resolution to the highest number possible. The use of all the pixels of the camera ensures the highest image quality possible on the phone all the time.

Then, to adjust the quality. The Image compression is determined by the quality you want to adjust in the room. Therefore, in order to determine the signal quality of your phones image settings to the highest possible.

To keep the phone still

The shutter speed of the camera of the phone is much slower than the normal rooms. The damage around with the device screen does not get blurry images. Losing focus is the end result that you are careful with the lenses.

Here is a small technique to help keep you in the spotlight. The key to the phone on all sides and, if possible, place your hand on a solid surface. Use your fingers to hold the piece in four parts, make sure you do not obstruct the camera lens when I was doing the same thing.

Try not to use the flash

Cell phone photography is best done, when you put the flash on the camera. The Flash of the camera of the phone is much smaller than that of a normal camera, only the center of the image, leaving the edges of the image is dark and clear.