WARNING: Global Food Prices at Riot Level Right Now

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In 1850, right here in the united States, a huge solar flare knocked out telegraph lines and electricity over a wide area. Had that same solar event happened today, electricity, electronics, computers, satellites And all would have been dead, and of the commission. Millions of people would die.
We dont do these things, people. In 2011, they have beaten the world record for most natural disasters in a single year. 3 000 the recording is interrupted only in the united States.
But if there is a Solar Storm NASA say that it is possible that, very soon, in 2013, as incredible as it may seem, the death of the computer, the resolution of the signals of the mobile phones, the end of electricity and the falling of countless satellites, the dead, the birds of the sky, is NOT the worst thing that will happen.
The worst thing that can happen is a global power outage, accompanied by hundreds of deadly nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, Japan. The failure of the electricity network means that the nuclear reactors do not have the power to manage themselves. This is what happened in Japan.
Yes, even if the nuclear reactors for the production of energy, which is based on the same electricity grid that we use to browse the Internet and watch TV.
In the case of a solar flare or a terrorist EMP nuclear explosion, that grid will fail!
The united states has more than 100 nuclear reactors. There are many others around the world.
Below, you can add the fusion to the Nuclear Nightmare of the sudden death scenarios that we face on a local and global level. The Nuclear meltdown Nightmare will make the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the emergence of a tea party!
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Obviously, if giant tidal waves the size of the Mountains of the Himalayas, to the research in the field of play, all bets are off. But it was 2012 movie, and that it was only a film.
So, let me ask you. When is the next food crisis arrives on American soil, are you ready?
In real life, we are looking at disaster scenarios like food, water and vital supplies are not available for days, weeks, or even months. As we have shown, there are many local and global factors and reasons politics, weather, price hikes, fragile technology, natural disasters and global interdependence — that could suddenly spark a catastrophic scenario for starvation.
Pure and simple, everything hangs in a delicate balance. Because there are many foods of other countries, on the basis of the current weakness in the price of fuel, an increase in oil prices could clean out our local store shelves.
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