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Because of this, they are willing to sell their obtained vehicles regardless of how low the auction to liquidate the company. When the government sells their properties, and the excess of motor vehicles, is not interested in profit margins, as a distributor, in addition, there is the cost associated with the vehicles. The main concern of the government to recover any amount of money that you can, as fast as possible.
Thus, in the case that you do not have the car? Well, there are a number of sources, including surpluses unpaid taxes or defauled debt and in some cases, because the owner was involved in illegal activities.
We all know that the government can spend a lot of taxpayers money and often they will purchase vehicles or equipment for a specific project only to have priorities change as a result of the project has not been started. Or maybe the project is complete and that the equipment is no longer needed. Because of this, a surplus of equipment and vehicles, the items are new or almost new, but the deals and prices auktionen.De most of the people know that government car and vehicle auctions (auctions of police) is a great place to find great discounts and offers on cars and vehicles. I want what many do not realize that there is a wide range of vehicle types and models available in great condition that are auctioned off at a fragment of what they are worth. But the fact that the vehicle is in good condition for less than $ 200?

First of all, let me explain why the cars are sold at such low prices. Because the government operates under a different set of rules, then the companies looking to buy and sell for profit. In general, the government has little or no direct cost to say that the car. In the rare case in which the costs (for example, to pay creditors, in the recovery of costs, etc) the government is not concerned with a margin, and as a car dealer Id want to be. They are simply trying to sell their stock of vehicles, in order to get fast money and reduce vehicle storage costs.So, when all the vehicles? Most likely, to imagine a repo man how to steal the car, the owner has arrears of payments or a drug bust in the case in which the vehicle is stopped. Congratulations on the TV, when I was born, but also comes from other sources, such as the excess. This is the part where the government or government entity to buy a new car with the goal of making the project of public utility, after which the vehicle is no longer necessary. So, when we take into account the various sources for these vehicles to get, it is not surprising that there is a great variety in the auctions.

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