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When the Civil War began, marked the beginning of a bitter war and the most expensive in the history of our nation. New technology has developed rapidly in battles on land and at sea. The technology is incredible explosion caused a huge commitment and incredible losses. He was without doubt our first modern war.When the dirty old technology with modern weapons, civil war, the results were predictable. Technology invented tradition after time.This was especially armored first steam warships crossed swords at the beginning of the war in 1862. The battle ended in a draw, but it was the death knell for war timber ships and emerging new type of ship: Battleship.Technically Union USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia Federation of the first vessels to enter the fray protected by iron armor. Korean Adm difference. Yi Sun-sin, a hero of Korean warships turtles 16th century saw at least some armor. The two ships were guided entirely protected turtle Yi iron armor is controversial among historians.This photo taken July 9, 1862, shows the tower and one of two smooth Dalgren 11 inch guns of the USS Monitor. The two officers stood beside the second tower assistant engineer Albert B. Campbell (arms crossed) and voluntary act Lieutenant William Flye (with binoculars). Photo: US Naval History and Heritage Command.
But there is no doubt that the duel in 1862 between Congress and Union warships gave the development of modern naval power. After the battle, wooden fighting ships was in danger.