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Peaceful automated system is easy, fast, secure and based on established science.Technology can use the system to learn to relax and focus on your.zen monk as a button. This is exactly what you get:Because System peaceful daily meetings..The heart of the system action when the MP3 format that is easy to use, which is compatible with all computers, you can import your iPod, iPhone or iPad, or even a CD. The meeting will be held during the week, for a total of eight weeks. Each week, five sessions, with a total of 40 songs.Quick Start Guide Auto squelch System..Quick Installation Guide, all you need to know to start automatically calm down in 15 minutes shows. For more information on the research and science behind the content, or for more information and tips to overcome anxiety, is now full and detailed instructions physician, Dr, neuropsychological studies neuropsychologist and licensed clinic. Quick Start and manual comes in PDF format on hand.The series is just great sound of people with anxiety, fear or even panic attacks. There are four separate sessions with a total of more than imaging hour advanced and pursues guided visualization to help destroy the patterns of thought and behavior, anxiety and replace them with new automatic answers and confidence development program bravery breathing. Not all meetings better brain training techniques, so you can enjoy with or without headphones.The conference is a powerful sound designed to monitor the situation very quickly and effectively quiet confidence. Is a great way to make a little time during the day to relax and recharge, or if you notice any construction effort or concern. Use it anytime and anywhere.

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READ MORE meditation to build the internal autonomy of the tank and self-confidence. exercise regularly test – deep in the unconscious level – you present yourself.Accountability helps to show a different way, if possible, find a community. There are many Facebook groups, the challenges of meditation and local line Sangha meditation (groups), where you can find help on the way. The Community provides an opportunity to discuss challenges and all minds are addictive, neurotic, and restless.Meditation is a skill that improves practice like a game of chess or cooking. You can learn to control their emotions, use ideas, and form the nervous system continue to be adjusted to cope with stress.These things take time. Do you eat a healthy meal and call it done. Do not expect to get strong in a day in the gym. Think of a regular practice of meditation of mind.And remember that consistency is more important than the intensity. Meditate stronger for five minutes a day, you should rest for 30 minutes once a week.I suggest you keep a journal to keep track of experiences. Please note one or two words about what meditation. You do not need to analyze or interpret anything; It is only found and record how you feel after the meditation. This record shows that meditation – and mind – has really changed over time. Although still angry and distressed and disturbed (you), a laptop to show who knows how to sit and relax with all this.Take some deep breaths now. First, take a deep breath in the chest. Now that the breath in your belly. This is where you want to breathe. indicating that the movement of consciousness and breathing is something that can be done anytime, anywhere, to move the state of meditation. Go ahead – get started now.


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READ MORE inner childinner child happy with the insurance. It is a very effective way to heal the inner child.It is said that every person is a child hidden within him / her. In every day, act like an adult, because we are adults and we should behave like. But children, who lived for us is always in the form of memories. For some of us, those memories are sweet to some, they are not as sweet.Depending on how we spend childhood, kid us to be happy, sad, adventurous, shy, brave, scared, extroverted or introverted. It was noted that a number of times in our adult behavior is a manifestation of our inner child. To change the behavior of adults and children in the form of statements.The inner child is often described as part of the artistic, creative, imaginative and dreamy for us. He’s a fun-loving, playful, looking for a good player, who lives in us.Why is the inner child still lives in us, even when we grow up? Why they would even care? There may be several reasons for this. Some of us had to grow up very quickly, and the child was not enough time to react. In some cases, children playing the role of ‘mother’ and ‘father. ‘It happens to be the child was. Some children are abused. His evil will never be healed. There are many reasons are possible. As the child is immature and irresponsible, but to be a kid at heart.To see the world and live every moment of freshness, fear and joy.There is little or no preconceived idea, but to be open and ready to receive and receive.Some of us have reached adulthood after the adoption of formal education or college, get a job, maybe a partner in a couple of children – now live a life of mounting a title, the rights of parents and spouses.


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READ MORE seventh column championship Taoism, Tao, very valuable to understand men, alone with himself. It can also be used to obtain the essential guide to the harmony of objective and if the same, and long life of the universe. Tao is the fusion system at six personology Taoist master (a form of research), fingerprint systems Taoist Taoist numerology, astrology system Directionology North Star and symbolic (spiritual communication). featurettes follow.Construction organic shapes to guide the determination of data models and the nature of the reaction of the gene personality.In addition, genes, nerves, brain begins and ends in front of members and influence. nerve endings in the brain impulses tank or email. (They move all the nerve impulses to the brain, and every nerve impulses traveling to the brain). Many of us are able to detect the mood of an individual to read facial expressions (such as anxiety, happiness, pain, etc.) and we spent a lot of first contact with the body as a measure of inflammation of the body. Feel like symptoms, even when the subject is attempting to hide.the window of the body. It determines the internal or the true measure of a man. Read, to promote science called Taoist Taoist personology, no idea of the human personality and to the past gene (known human), current studies and even the future (and scientists in the past have demonstrated once again that the mind is a powerful human destiny is determined).


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READ MORE series entitled ‘What inspires me,’ influencers on LinkedIn shared what you have to work the severe rejection he received early in his career the hard work of people who see every day in the office.Naomi Simson, redballoon founder, will never forget the nickname given him by his classmates in college, ‘No. ‘Because it rhymes with’ stupid. ‘I had the idea that I am not the smartest college – and probably the brightest students on campus Actually, my father told me I was finishing my studies, ‘If you have not received a college education. employment – let me written sent on the keyboard course, have less recourse. ‘At one time I said’ wait – I’ll show I’m going to be a success. ‘I do not think people take me seriously,’ as if the need to ‘prove’ themselves to get into my relentless. research to create a better working environment for growth and the ‘famous’ what we show to all those who say, ‘you can not’ -. . which can effectively Richard Branson is inspired by something, Steve Jobs said: ‘Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are those that do not. ”The professional inspiration is not my personal inspiration to eliminate: people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference in the lives of others Branson said. ‘I’m glad to know of the many’ of these people is changing, and the desire to help (and keep!) What motivates me. ”In winter 1976 Herb Greenberg on CNBC interviewed in the work of the Detroit Free Press, but was rejected, the editor of the city could find ‘someone better.


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READ MORE nail certainly drove me crazy. The corners of my cardigan, tights and even get stuck in your hair. That’s why I think it is strange to generate a bag nail file rounded edges. But there are people who bite their nails intact.Even if you have a perfect manicure salon is the explanation of my obsession, there are dozens of reasons why people bite their nails. Can emphasize the habit and begin quartet alone, according to Dr. Carol Mathews, D., a psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco.He said: ‘People are looking for flaws in its claws and bite gaps that lead to other deficiencies and continue the cycle. In extreme cases, becomes Nail Biting problem – infections, causes tissue damage, etc. This is quite rare, but it can also cause considerable human suffering, especially if they are able to stop. . Under these conditions, Dr. Mathews believes he can control to include medical or psychiatric categories pathological behavior problems. ‘Behaviour is a major cause of disability and discomfort they have one, and a collection of pathological or compulsive skin and compulsive hair pulling (trichotillomania). ‘Although the result may be a bacteria called Enterobacteriaceae living my nails are enough to make me a break, this is not for everyone.Patience and slow, the change in the balance is a sure way to stop nail biting, but Dr Mathews some helpful tips on breaking into the stress this way:bite later, when you get the urge. First, a few seconds to minutes, and perhaps later. Set the timer and, if necessary, gradually reduce the amount of time you leave the ‘bite.Make a fist in response to competition or something else prevents your hands to produce them in the mouth for a minute or until the urge passes.test patches to cover the nails because they provide a physical reminder. Do not stop biting if you are motivated, but they slow down so that you can consciously try to bite.


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READ MORE, called panic attacks are intense fear or panic episodes. anxiety attacks usually occur suddenly and without warning. Sometimes it is a clear pattern trapped in the elevator, or, for example, think of the great speech you have to give, but in other cases, the attacks come from anywhere.anxiety crises tend to peak in 10 minutes and rarely lasts more than 30 minutes. But the short period of time, fear can be so severe that it feels as if about to die or disappear altogether. There are physical symptoms of anxiety attacks, frightening that many people think that a heart attack. Then it is more concerned about, you may be worried that other one, especially in a public place where help is not available or can not easily escape.The symptoms of anxiety attacks:It is important to seek help if you start to avoid certain situations or places because of fear of having a panic attack. The good news is that panic attacks are very treatable. In fact, many people are free to panic just 5-8 sessions.It is types of anxiety disorders, each with its own unique model of the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks (panic disorder), obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress and traumatic.If the anxiety and fear continues to dog every day, or if the continued difficulty in the sense that you have something goes wrong, it may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). People with GAD sufferers chronic worrywarts know almost all the time, although they do not even know why. The anxiety associated with anxiety disorder often show physical symptoms such as insomnia, stomach problems, anxiety and fatigue.Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and the fear of suffering another period. Panic disorder may be associated with agoraphobia, which is fear of places where escape or help would be very difficult if a panic attack. If you have agoraphobia, you are more likely to public places like shopping malls, or in confined spaces, such as on a plane to avoid.


Venciendo La Ansiedad Con Dios

READ MORE pierde su contrato de trabajo y no puede pagar las facturas por unas pocas semanas, la situación es un poco más complicado, pero no mucho. Él cree que es imposible conseguir el dinero para pagar las cuentas con la familia y amigos hasta que obtenga un nuevo trabajo? Probablemente no.En este punto, ha recorrido un largo camino en la lucha contra la ansiedad. Usted entiende de dónde viene, se determina si hay una solución, que se coloca en el peor de los casos, y finalmente se dio cuenta de que lo peor no vale la pena preocuparse.Desde entonces, aceptar la situación es mucho más simple. Y aceptar la situación, es necesario para hacer frente a la ansiedad, porque sólo sigue cayendo.En el siguiente bloque, para discutir cómo superar la ansiedad, dónde estamos, cuando se sabe que hay un problema (y menos sensible) es lo suficientemente grave como para generar miedo y la ansiedad generada.La ansiedad es un problema mental, no física. Además, un problema subjetiva, no objetiva. Esto significa, en primer lugar, no debe ser más de dolor físico, que puede causar problemas de salud mental mismos (conocido como somatización nombre trastorno). En segundo lugar, tenemos que entender que la auto-gobernados, no hay peligro o dificultad, por lo que hay un problema, y se puede ganar.Se engañan al cerebro es una gran manera de hacerlo, porque él no dudó un problema, pero se enfrentan a otro punto de vista, que en última instancia utiliza para llenar el ‘peligro’ y sin ningún tipo de problemas.Bueno, el primer punto es centrarse en lo positivo. Si se enfoca en lo positivo, que se eleva gradualmente hasta alcanzar los objetivos de resolver el problema (la solución) o aceptar (si) el punto en que no tienen por qué preocuparse.Por otro lado, si usted se centra en la pelota negativa para la mayor preocupación, pero el ‘problema’ (que, recordemos, es sólo en su mente) aumentan.


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READ MORE – Alta No patients tend to be very self-conscious. They understand their feelings, and that is why they do not express their emotions to control. They are sure – because they trust your intuition and do not let their emotions out of control.They are willing to give an honest reflection on themselves as well. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and work in the fields, so they can do better. Many people believe that self-awareness is the most important part of EI.Self-regulation – is the ability to control emotions and impulses. People do not tend to regulate too angry or jealous, and are not, imprudent decisions impulsive. They think before acting. self-regulation characteristics are friendliness, comfort, change, integrity and the ability to say no.Motivation – People do arise. They are ready for long-term success of immediate results. They are very productive, love a challenge, and is very efficient in everything they do.Empathy – is perhaps the second most important insurance job factors. Empathy is the ability to identify and understand the wants, needs and opinions of those around you. People with good empathy to recognize the feelings of others, even if the feelings can be blurred. Therefore, people tend to be excellent for managing relationships with empathy, listening and relationships with others. avoid stereotypes and judge too quickly, and live their life in a very honest and open.Social skills – usually it is easier to talk to people and good social skills, another sign of high PAS. Those who have strong interpersonal skills tend to be team players. Instead, focus on your own first success, help others develop and shine. They can handle conflict, are excellent communicators, and are masters at building and nurturing relationships.As defined by you, will be the key to success in life – especially his career. The ability to manage people and relationships are very important for all leaders, so they can be developed and used to be a good way to show another leader.


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READ MORE ReductionThe brain (hippocampus in particular) to decide on the feelings or events in your life in danger, it may be beneficial or harmful, and then sends signals to the heart, immune system and digestive, nervous system and hormonal mechanisms.Cortisol is a hormone principle (although only hormone) is associated with the response of fight or flight ‘of a birth defect, which is how the body reacts to acute stress helps us in the situation or stay and fight our way through . After a brief peak cortisol / adrenaline repeated almost every day, they will cause wear on the body and accelerate the aging process.Therefore, the aim should be to avoid any and all kinds of stress? Of course not – remember that some stress is helpful and keep the ‘variable’ other ‘maladaptive. ‘For example, physical activity, and navigation is very ambitious two types of stress, in the end, benefit the body objectives. The regions of the brain in the hippocampus, amygdala and prefrontal cortex of positive stress to collect and cause ‘brain remodeling stress-structured, so it has to respond to physiological and behavioral events in a positive spirit. The result is that, in the future, you better learn to deal with them in similar situations, combined with prices and stop seeing fear.
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Stress is an inevitable part of life. Everyone deals with it, and even a little stress is good for your health. But chronic stress weakens the physical and mental well-being of the negative.That is why it is so important to get the power of the right to maintain a good quality of life. Eight to relieve stress – training and yoga, meditation / prayer healing, acupuncture, diet, eating behavior, cognitive, more time in nature, and social, journaling and the use of herbs adaptogenic and essential oils – can help maintain a good mood, stress and calm to better manage on a daily basis.
And when it does, you have the benefits of body and mind, leading to a better life remains a well-rounded.