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Children, for the use of foods rich in sugar treats that a lot of fast food or processed foods, picky about food and oral questions to the Lord. g, disorders of childhood or the loss of teeth, abdominal pain, nausea, loose stools, skin rash, sensitive skin, the behavior and mood changes, and sensory processing problems are Growing. Journaling your childs food intake can be very useful to understand what is going on, and the Food Diary of a dietitian, for your information. Attention, especially at the level of individual behavior and the physical changes that occur when children, gluten, starch, wheat, or other grains), casein (milk and dairy products, soya or corn, which do not often include children who have sensory and/or autism. Even if your child is a drug, it is extremely important, for the sake of consistency, the type of food consumed, as well as meals and snacks in the Routine. For example, a child, caused by the stimulation of the process is not enough to eat, it takes a long time, blood sugar and energy stable, or to delete the job correctly. Foods, dyes, preservatives, and a persons mood or behavior problems in some children.
An Activity Model. The child, especially at times of the day for the Change of the program, and it is now in front, more transitions and activities? There are some days of the week, the Song, with full of activities, therapies and other appointments, your child can be a difficult time? During the day, when the energy is particularly high or low? It is his involvement sensual Plan adequate relaxation and alarms, tasks, to Kiel?
Changes from day to day in the Region. A large part of the information sensor is always adjusted, on a daily basis, the feelings, most of us do not know the message and the changes in the environment. Let us assume that your house is particularly dry, and, recently, her son, often dry skin and. It is not possible to note these changes, but the child can be practical, more depressed, anxious, etc., In the diary, write down all the Changes in the environment (temperature, humidity, lighting, sound, visual stimuli, smells, and so on, perhaps with a Change in behavior or mood.
To Share Your Comments. Because children from different backgrounds, perhaps something happened that we know, that is the influence on the behavior. The thing is that the field is changing, routine, or dinner, in school or kindergarten? If your child behaves differently, when you are at home and the report contains no clear legal Basis for the behavior of their children, and you do not need to know or cant articulate what is wrong, to speak with the teacher, the doctor or the therapist.