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in a task, a large number of disciples, from one moment to the other, and the two of them together, body and spirit, so that, today, it is common to hear that more and more people practice yoga. Learn how to keep your balance and in harmony with themselves, the practice has become more common, and it is important, that is the reason.But, in reality, time is more than four thousand years ago in India, yoga, the science of life, access to health, welfare and mental and emotional balance. More than 2500 years.C. this sport began to be mentioned, that the Vedas (the holy bible, which contains information about the physical, metaphysical and spiritual), the basics of yoga, the knowledge found in the Upanishads (the most popular of the Vedas). But there is archaeological evidence that the distance from the source. This dates back to the year 4500.C. in the valley of the Indus, and, in particular, Mohenjo-Daro. But… as you can tell, that in these cities, there are traces of the manifestations of this practice? Just the fact that the English archaeologist Sir. John Marshall was found along with the stone showed yoga (Shiva). In spite of this fact, the documents are reliable, the Yoga Sutras written by Patanjali in the third century.C. In this work, and took 8 steps, which requires a good practice or ashtanga yoga: the yamas (moral restraints), niyama (purity, contentment, austerity), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), pratyahara (awareness, senses), dharana (concentration), dyana (meditation), and served (supra-consciousness). It is also a record in the 500.C. when I wrote 18 chapters, which talk about ” good practices yoga of the Bhagavad Gita. But it seems that there are only two things: the first is that the geographical origin is in India, and the second is the balance, which is good practice.