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She also learned the Skill of Killing, the Cutting and the Treatment of Animals that he has killed.Ragnar Benson (assumed pen name) is a prolific Writer devoted to nonfiction survival Topic. He is the Creator of a total of 37 Books (this Number may be lower), the Treatment of Topics such as: Asylum, Hunting, and stop, of false Identity, of Weapons, Explosives, and improvised Weapons, urban survival, and doityourself Medicine.

Mr. Benson has been Able to maintain its unique Place, and the original name away from public Information.


First of all, the guide is poorly designed. I am almost all for the Creation of the Language, but also the Writers. There are a wide Range of Services, to achieve the most used, the Level of Recession as been there, the Team has done.

There is no Introduction that explains the Context in which the Book has been as a Stage in the middle of the interview. We have, in the End, what speaks for the Author, but asks what exactly it is, the Conversation. This is an important Factor, if you consider that the Guide is written in such a way as if the Hostility of the United states, the World has been programmed.

The Lack of Solutions, Read the Question, who is this Man Ragnar is and how the single came to the Information. From the Description of the other Warranties, I have the Impression that the Story is based on many of Their Contributions, instead, in each Book, as Part of the Introduction.

The Book is written for the Survival and the interior was probably designed for an urban Audience interested in survival. But the Author gives Advice, with a Tone of Disdain for the City Slickers. In the first Part, it is expressed, that many Persons, in Relation to the Life in nature, in Fact, refers to ..the Free time is most Commonly practiced elitist yuppies in SUVS.. wait a minute, most of the Accounts I am a SUV driving a yuppie; less elitist Piece. This is not a big problem, but annoying. After these Statements, I thought, as even the Author had no genuine Concern for the potential Target audience, but they are Full of Your Account.

Ragnar Benson there is incorrect Information, as a Silencer is illegal to Pay all other Information, in a questionable Light. If you Read the Silencer: Truth, Lies, and Zombies, covered I, as the Silencers are not illegal. SHTF means things, the internal fan, a plan that will help us to survive in extreme conditions. SHTF survival, the things that are necessary to stay alive, teaches us, during Armageddon, will be available. It is the survival of the great city is also known under the name of. People think techniques, that will be the end of the world to prepare and practice the SHTFsurvival. He preaches that the essential for the survival of a people, food and water.

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