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Click here to read more >>> the vision Beckereit, the future not only pure waste treatment facilities, but the recycling system of drinking water, energy and minerals.
‘We tried to close the cycle of matter in our water treatment plants for a long time now, said Beckereit. ‘It all started in the late 1990s, when we started to use the energy potential of waste water. ‘
Since 2009, Hamburg Wasser became independent in energy. In fact, the sale of excess electricity to the local electricity network terminal near Hamburg containers. Thank you to 10 oval digestion towers, producing 90,000 tons of methane per day. The factory of heat and electricity combined website and then convert the gas to 176,500 kWh of electricity and 91 500 kWh of thermal energy.
After passing through the suspension of the digester is then dried and burnt, generating heat that can be extracted and used.
‘To recover phosphorus from incinerator ash is just steps, but still very important to the continued development of wastewater treatment, said Beckereit.recovery of phosphorus could open the door to a closed loop recycling system more true. It can help to improve the program of the German and international sustainability.


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