krav maga a good self defense
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Krav Maga and Other Fighting Systems in Brazil

Many people who know what they are talking about consider Krav Maga to be one of the world’s most practical and devastating fighting systems. It’s policy of maximum effect and no-nonsense has earned it serious respect on most continents around the globe.

It is now becoming more common to see elite units of the police, military and other governmental agencies taking Krav Maga close combat and/or self defense courses in many different countries. This is shown in this photograph I found on It shows police officers learning Krav Maga at a training seminar at Parque das Mangabeiras, in Brazil.

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While Brazil is a beautiful place to visit, there is much poverty and a lot of street crime.Like so many societies today, the gap between the very rich and the very poor remains an extremely wide one.

Many of the poor people who live in the hillside shantytowns have no employment and no ways to earn money except by entering the big rich city below to pick people’s pockets or to rob valuables at the point of a knife or a gun.

I never had any trouble, but I tend to be careful anyhow. But our tourist guide warned my wife and I never to stoll along the beach once it gets dark. And that was at the famous Copacabana Beach that all those songs were sung about.

Brazil certainly is a school of hard knocks for many. The country began as a colony of Portugal, and many of the residents today are descendants of those early Portuguese settlers and of the black slaves they brought over from Africa to cut sugar cane or work in the mines for them.

JuJitsuAs a result of this enslavement, the black slaves developed their own martial art called Caopeira. To fool the slave masters, they disguised their fighting system as a dance… and they always play music while they practise their fighting moves. The musicians acted as lookouts, and if a slave boss looked like wandering too close, they would change the rhythm of the tune slightly and the fighters became dancers, leaping and tumbling in apparent joy and happiness… to lull the bosses into a false sense of security.  However, Capoeira requires supreme fitness and agility, and it isn’t quick to learn.

krav maga a good self defense

Another martial art or fighting system from Brazil is Gracie Ju-Jitsu or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. With the same kind of hunger to succeed and pure guts shown in the “Rocky” movie, these real-life martial artists, the father and his sons, announced they would take on all-comers from other established martial arts. The Gracies lost a few bouts, for sure, but they won most of their fights. They won the respect of the martial arts world as real, no-nonsense fighters.

They also helped to put Brazil squarely on the martial arts map of the world.

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