Is LSLC Nivel Dos a Perfect Spanish Course?

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If you answered yes to the above question, and he is a novice in the vicinity of the center of the scale, or, if you already could on the middle level and the research, and their mastery of the Spanish language, the next step is the most important card was ever read. Read on to find out why . . . In November 2006, when he was injured, and Spanish level two Learn Like Crazy. In this time I also had the opportunity, the success of some of the students were ordered into the CDrom version of this course. I learned that the most of them to be a source of inspiration. There is a lot more. I also had the opportunity, some of the comments LSLC Two levelsfor a couple who wants to learn English, sites to check the product.To make the most important thing that I like, at level two, for you, the registry of Italians to the next level. And I promise you, I will be.

But, to be sure, that I was with the fulfillment of this promise, the LSLC team a lot of work on level 2. And not just a few weeks or months of work. But after two years of work.

The main area (in the hand), and level 2 consists of 30 lessons).Each lesson is 30 minutes. For a total of 15 hours. You will enjoy every Moment of the Spanish course, the LSLC team had between 5 and 6 hours for the creation of content for the lesson before them in the studio. Then we went to another 45 hours of recording in a studio for all hours on the list for the course on the Spanish language that we just heard. The sound engineer, and then more than 10 hours up to 12 hours, for any request, English, interpretation, listening, and speaking.

What is my role? I say to you . . .

I have to be at work, to play the role of the Student, in the editing of the lessons. I have the painful task, in each row, in each lesson (sound) characteristics. Exactly, Im on the reaction between the product of the students, it is necessary to ensure that the distance or the time, and the response of the students was too short, not too long, but it is only simulated on the right side.was

Im in every lesson, including the Bonus from the class, not one, not two, not three times. But at least 5 or 6 times per hour. And, in some cases, as much as 8 or 9 times in an hour.

This hard work, the delegate of the mother tongue, the Spanish, the LSLC computer. Ive tested it before, but the language of the mother, she would always be faster, your answer to the significantly to native English speakers.

English but as I had trouble in Spanish, I would like to know if the time or the distance, which is the answer to the student that it is good or not. I had to do personally. It was the only way, I am convinced that the time for the students to respond to voice commands was perfect.

And until now, I can only say that, with the aim of, the body, the LSLC level two. . . .

NOT ONE, but TWO BONUS sections and a BONUS DVD with in Two stages. (if the Download version, you can use the content of the videos on the Bonus DVD to download).

As you can see, the month, or a year of work, the development of Two phases.
I would like to get a loan, this type of work. But I really cant.

This is the reason why, apart from the warranty, which is at this Moment that the student respond to commands was absolutely perfect, from the voice, to develop.

The length of content on Two levels, LSLC computer. Im not part of the team. Im just a Gringo founder and coowner of the company. The LSLC computer is made up of English native speakers. It is the only way you can be sure that you learn correctly and in Latin America, the Spanish, the development and, to a CERTAIN fondness for the Italian in America latine.De hundreds and hundreds of customers to send emails to me, and from experience I have learned that it is one of the most difficult in Italian on the theme of the mother of the language, the mode of the subjunctive.

This is the reason why the value of more than 10 classes, the French, stating that the fashion in the subjunctive. Step two, I assure you, to master the method of the subjunctive, it is easy and fast.As soon as you are finished with your order you get two Slang, French, German, or Jargon, for the classroom, as a digital download. If you have always wanted to learn how the English or Spanish Slang, you will learn with the LSLC method, he must learn to very easy.

Could it be that you dont Want to have to learn English, French or Spanish is the language of the translation. Everything is in order. But we can make it funny, always Vulgar, Italian, German, Spanish and, of course, in colloquial language, very entertaining.As I said, my answer to your cell phone. To help you, to understand me, and to learn more about my clients, their wishes and needs. It is the question most often asked, and I feel our customers:

I am a student of the visual. Not LSLC with all images and graphs to facilitate Learning?

I have this Problem over and over again. Not only the adults, in the pursuit of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. But I ask myself this question, parents are looking for a course, the fees for the family. Until now, my answer to this question is always NO.

This is the reason why we developed the LSLC Bonus DVD. The bonus DVD is 1 hour and the material.

The professor speaks Italian, while the playback on the DVD, because that is exactly what you need to make your Italian to the next level. And they speak with a twinkle in his eyes, it is simple enough for the students to understand, but also difficult enough for Advanced users.

And the LSLC computer, like a lot of effort in the development of the bonusDVD for the development of the sound on the last Two stages. The LSLC team and I, we have an Interview with less than 20 native language is Spanish, the teacher of almost all the Nations of the Spanish language the ability to be taught with the method INTERACTIVE.

The coach, known as Christina the method, which is even interactive, you forget to make you feel that you have a DVD drive and starts as you sit in your class room, persontoperson. The DVD was recorded with stateoftheart HD (High Definition) camera, digital crystalclear audio and video. For technical reasons, the videostreaming over the network, it can not be very shiny. But I assure you that the DVD Bonus on your home computer or in the TV room, and so bright, and so clear. And Yes, for the Download version, you can use the same video content on the bonusDVD and as a digital download.
Have you noticed that, without a doubt, Christina, are concentrated in Germany.

Now, if you are serious about his by the Spanish to the next level, at a certain time, you need someone for the communication in Italy. Or maybe you are planning a trip to Germany. The DVD bonus, very well equipped, with native speakers of Spanish from Spain.
In fact, you have to learn in English, in Europe and in Latin America, the Spanish with the Bonus DVD.

This is due to the fact that when playing a DVDvideo our LSLC Trainer, whether in Colombia or in Mexico, it was always the case.And every time Christina used a word in Spanish, the most popular in Spain, Latin America, the LSLC concerned the professor, Christina, he ALSO said that the same word in Italian, Latin, Spanish, and German.
Has LSLC course of Two levels is sufficient for the Spanish?
Step two it is NOT perfect Spanish. Despite two years of hard work that the LSLC staff in the development of this course is not perfect. Weaknesses.

I felt it was important that the narrator is a French teacher, native speaker. This way, you are able to find things, to educate, in the classroom, to explain how that language would not be a mother tongue teacher of Italian. I also think that it is important to imitate, the narrator is a teacher is not a native language is Spanish, pronunciation, and for the simple development of a real Italian flavor in Latin America. But it was a compromise . . .

Because the narrator is a French teacher (native and nonnative, teacher, evil speaking, few words in English, and not the translation of the English grammar.

In an hour, he said that the word bird, but it develops more, as he says, bud, Root, beer. I have also noticed that the word feta as a plural of the word sheep.

But I think that Will not be cut to get out of LSLC level, to speak to him, English. In this case, the narrator, the error with the English language, the defects of small importance. To pay the best and fastest way to learn Spanish easy today, with audio, interactive programs for Learning. There are some keywords, the resources that are Available. Most of them have the art, fully digital version can be downloaded from the Internet. Most also have a Physical version (CDJaroslaw, DVDS, and books.

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