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Is Metabolic Cooking A Scam?

Metabolic cooking is not a scam – definitely not in the context of a slew of weight loss products in the market claiming miraculous weight reduction without any effort on the part of the dieter.

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Statistics On Obestity In The US

In the US alone,obesity is the major cause of death after smoking. Statistics from several American government websites mention that 6 out of every 10 Americans are obese. A little over three hundred thousand people die every year due to excessive weight and the costs to society are approximately around $100 billion.

When viewed in this alarming perspective, weight loss has become a hot market for unscrupulous people to benefit from the misery of other people struggling to lose weight.

Weight loss products are brazenly marketed promising amazing cures and at the end, all these pie in the sky promises are a lure to make the people part with their hard earned dollars.

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False Claims Rife In The Fat Loss Industry

The fat loss industry is rife with claims that border on the incredulous yet people fall for it in a bid to end their misery and the human frailty to search for the magic bullet that provides easy solutions. Sadly such solutions do not exist.

Claims like losing weight over extended periods of time, losing weight without exercise or diet and losing weight while eating any amount of food is utterly misleading forcing the consumer to be taken for a ride and ending up poorer by the price of the product bought.

Why Metabolic Cooking Is Not A Scam

When reviewed in the light of the above facts facing the weight loss industry, Metabolic cooking review is certainly not a scam in any sense.

It is a fantastic cookbook containing 250 fat killing recipes that include metabolism boosting cooking ingredients to help burn fat rapidly.It is a practical solution in the modern day that we live in considering the paucity of time and resources at our disposal.

Metabolic Cooking contains easy to make on the go recipes that can be prepared in no time without hanging around in the kitchen for hours pouring over complex recipes found in normal diets.Moreover, all recipes clearly show the nutrients consumed through a Metabolic-Nutri profile thus showing you how best metabolic rates are achieved.

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Well Defined Plan Of Attack To Lose Fat

Metabolic Cooking contains a well defined food plan that keeps altering everyday to beat the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon so that the body does not get used to the food pattern thereby adjusting to a regular intake as in normal diets resulting in reduced metabolism.

This book is about fat loss using tested practical methods that work and not boring theoretical definitions and descriptions that will bring about disenchantment and disillusionment as rapidly as a typical boring diet program brings in its wake.

You can buy the Metabolic Cooking recipe book with utmost confidence. Apart from the 250 recipes, there is a host of other material available as bonuses that makes it a complete Metabolic Cooking package that no other product can boast of.

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